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CoderDojo World Summit Award Presentation

CoderDojo World Summit Award Presentation

The Presentation Giustina gave at the World Summit Awards in Singapore in July 2016.

The CoderDojo Foundation

July 01, 2016

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  1. Why Coding? “Children should be programming the computer rather than

    being programmed by it” Professor Seymor Papert
  2. The Problem: Global Skills Gap Europe 900k shortfall by 2020

    45% IT execs experiencing a shortfall US 1m unfilled programming jobs 71% of new jobs in STEM are in computing
  3. The Problem: Diversity Women hold >25% STEM 8.5% of Engineering

    4.28 million unemployed young people in EU-28 4.1% of US CS Grads & 2% of Tech Giant hires are black 78% of PR approved, unless gender identifable
  4. CoderDojo: Open Source Something that can be modified & shared

    because its design is publicly accessible.
  5. Benefits of Learning Coding Problem Solving Creativity & Design Patience

    & Perseverance Logical Thinking Innovation (Digital) Confidence