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CoderDojo Foundation 2016 Partnerships

CoderDojo Foundation 2016 Partnerships

A short deck outlining the impact of CoderDojo and opportunities for partnerships in 2016

The CoderDojo Foundation

January 27, 2016

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  1. CoderDojo Movement •  Creating the world they want to live

    in, •  Challenging and questioning accepted norms, •  Connecting with each other across borders and boundaries, •  Developing the skills required to be successful in our increasingly connected world, Every week, in 63 countries around the world, as a direct result of CoderDojo more than 55,000 young people are ..... With your help, by 2020, we can reach and positively impact 250,000 young people annually
  2. Changing the World Niamh Aged 13 •  Attending CoderDojo for

    4 years •  Youth Mentor & Role Model •  Named EU Digital Girl of the Year 2015 •  Created an App using advanced technology to enable the user to locate their nearest available eCar charging point •  Created an App for journalists to use when interviewing CoderDojo attendees are building projects that are changing and positively impacting the world
  3. Changing the World Lauren Aged 11 •  Attending CoderDojo for

    3 years •  Youth Mentor & Role Model •  Named EU Digital Girl of the Year 2014 •  Created a website Cool Kids Studio which gives advice for other kids on how to deal with bullying and living a healthy life. •  Created a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) app to encourage more young people to learn coding
  4. Changing the World Conor Aged 17 •  Joined his local

    Dojo for 4 years after his local sports started ‘falling apart’ •  Youth Mentor •  Created a project called Quick Com, a communication tool for physically disabled, inspired by his aunt who has severe cerebral palsy. It senses movements using sensors, Raspberry Pi & Ardunio to enable his aunt to communicate. •  Highly Commended at BTYSE
  5. Changing the World CoderDojo is spread across 63 from Argentina,

    Cameroon, Japan, Madagascar and India. Our goal is for CoderDojo to be accessible for a child in every country in the world...
  6. What Children Learn at Dojos Leadership Skills Communication Skills Presentation

    Skills Confidence & Social Skills Problem Solving & Creative Thinking
  7. Diversity: CoderDojo Girls Increased diversity in the technology & business

    sectors is vital. This can only be done by inspiring young girls to pursue careers in STEM. •  Currently 30% of Dojo attendees are girls Certain Dojos run ‘Girls only’ sessions, the aim of these are to •  Building up young girls confidence •  Showcase positive female role models •  Appeal to their creative sides Our aim is for Dojos to ultimately become spaces that are 50/50 and where girl specific interventions aren’t needed because societal perceptions have changed irrevocably.
  8. Donors Pro Bono Partners Our Partners We work with some

    of the biggest & most innovative companies in the technology sector. To impact more youth, we require we need your help!
  9. The Team •  Fully registered & verified charitable entity • 

    Annual audited accounts •  Quarterly reports •  7 Full Time Employees •  More than 5,000 global volunteers •  Suite of pro bono partners enabling us to operate at a low cost point
  10. CoderDojo Foundation Offerings We are always working to improve the

    offerings available to the community, to make their journey of starting and sustaining a Dojo more accessible and efficient. Offerings •  Sushi Cards Series; HTML, CSS Javascript, Databases, •  Child Protection materials, •  Mentoring Training Guides, •  CoderDojo Nano Book, •  High Impact Community Events (Coolest Projects, Davos, EUDojo)
  11. CoderDojo Foundation Services We are always working to build out

    the suit of services available to Dojos in order to support, sustain and scale the Community. •  1 on 1 support phone calls •  Zen Platform •  Dojo ticketing to track & monitor attendance •  Open Badges to reward & recognise achievements •  Kata Open Source Wiki •  Community forums •  Youth forums
  12. Our Work Engaging  all  young  people   Engaging  &  Suppor0ng

       all  volunteers   Development  &  Cura0on  of  Content  &  Resources   Global  Community  Growth     Infrastructure   Communica0ons  &  Brand  Awareness  Building   Pillars of Focus Our vision is a world where every child has the opportunity to learn about technology and be creative in a safe and social environment.
  13. 2016 Initiatives to be supported Engaging  all  young  people  

    Engaging  &  Suppor0ng    all  volunteers   Development  &  Cura0on  of  Content  &  Resources   Global  Community  Growth     Infrastructure   -  Enabling & Encouraging Youth Mentoring. -  Dissemination of Open Badges to reward & recognise youth -  Developing virtual learning modules for Champions & Mentors -  Dissemination of Open Badges to reward & recognise youth -  Developing Sushi Cards targeting intermediated youth -  Expanding reach across N.America -  Penetrating new regions (Africa & Eastern Europe) -  Building out the suite of functionality on Zen platform
  14. Join the Movement! Get in touch today Mary Moloney Global

    CEO [email protected] Giustina Mizzoni Head of Development [email protected] www.coderdojo.com @CoderDojo