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The CoderDojo Foundation

The CoderDojo Foundation

CoderDojo believes that an understanding of programming languages is increasingly important in the modern world, that it’s both better and easier to learn these skills early, and that nobody should be denied the opportunity to do so! Any young person aged 7 – 17 can join and attend a Dojo for FREE! At a Dojo they will learn skills such as building a website, creating an app or a game, and explore technology in an informal, creative, and social environment.

The CoderDojo Foundation

August 28, 2017

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  1. www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation 2 We are interested in a… Hardware/Software

    Partnership Donate hardware, or software to the CoderDojo Foundation? Global Funding Develop a global funding partnership with the CoderDojo Foundation? Growth Partnership Develop a global growth partnership with the CoderDojo Foundation by establishing multiple Dojos worldwide (more than 5 Dojos) Volunteer Partnership Develop opportunities for our employees worldwide to volunteer in their communities? Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More
  2. www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation 3 We want to… …develop a global

    funding partnership with the CoderDojo Foundation. Coding is probably one of the most important skills that you can acquire today, and is a critical skill for the 4th Industrial revolution. Its one of the reasons why we brought children from Davos to the world economic forums to show them coding at a Dojo, and why we at Salesforce work with organisations like CoderDojo Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.com CoderDojo is unique: it enables and empowers young people to truly develop their skills as creators, innovators and changemakers of technology. Through the movement, thousands of young people are learning the skills they need to succeed in today's increasingly connected world. CoderDojo is on a remarkable journey. In just over five years the movement has grown from 1 to over 1,200 active clubs worldwide in 66 countries. To accelerate our impact, we are seeking partners to join us as we head towards our next milestones of 5,000 Dojos spread across 75 countries.
  3. www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation 4 Our Strategic Pillars Community Enablement Equipping

    all volunteers with the necessary tools, supports and knowledge to start and sustain Dojos Community Engagement Building a supportive and engagement global connected community to share and learn from each other. Global Scaling Growing the movement to give young people the opportunity to learn about technology and how to code in a safe, free, fun and social club-based environment one Dojo at a time.
  4. www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation 5 Our Strategic Pillars • High quality,

    engaging, youth centric educational content creation • Development of a community platform • Documentation and dissemination of best practices • Child protection supports • Sourcing and managing hardware, software or content partnerships • Executing a robust multi channel community support strategy • Rewarding and recognizing achievements of ninjas through digital open badges • Community events and meetups both physical and online community calls • Increasing the number of youth Champions and mentors • Working with growth partners to disseminate the vision • Supporting and securing evangelists and Ambassadors Community Enablement Community Engagement Global Scaling
  5. www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation 6 What we do directly with our

    funding partners… Co-create a bespoke engagement plan based on the funding. ◦ Regional, continental or global engagement and scaling strategies can be developed. Co-create metrics and goals for the funding and project. Agree on a set of multi-tiered KPIs for the goals & objectives in a fiscal year. Measure, evaluate & report on the projects that were funded annually. `
  6. www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation 7 Want to Get Involved?...Contact Us! www.coderdojo.com

    CoderDojo Foundation, Dogpatch Labs, CHQ Building, Dublin 1, Ireland. [email protected] “I love CoderDojo because it’s a place you can come and learn to code, make new friends and be creative. The mentors are really helpful if you are stuck on something.” Dhruv Bhamidipati - Docklands Dojo, Dublin - Age 10 Return To Opportunities Giustina Mizzoni | Executive Director
  7. www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation 8 We want to… ...develop a global

    growth partnership with the CoderDojo Foundation by establishing multiple Dojos worldwide (5+ Dojos*) “Accenture has developed a fantastic relationship with CoderDojo over the past few years, aligning with our Corporate Citizenship aim to equip young people with digital skills.” Julie Spillane, Director, Accenture. A growth partner uses existing infrastructure/resources to scale CoderDojo by opening Dojos across 5+ global locations. Typical growth partners include corporates who encourage employees within regional offices worldwide to start Dojos either informally or through a structured CSR programme. Alternatively, they are existing not for profits with similar missions to CoderDojo who adopt the program as an initiative in their region. To accelerate our impact, we are seeking partners to join us as we head towards our next milestones of 5,000 Dojos spread across 75 countries.
  8. www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation 9 “CoderDojo blew me away in how

    quickly children selected a coding technology, sat down at (in some cases) borrowed laptops, and in a short window of time created websites, games and graphics.” Katherine Manuel, SVP of Enterprise Innovation, Thomson Reuters. 1 Accenture | (10 Dojos + Multiple Events) Equipping and empowering their employees and global offices to ensure that they have the necessary tools, supports and knowledge to start Dojos in Accenture offices globally. 2 Thomson Reuters | (9 Dojos + Multiples Events) Equipping and empowering their employees to create multiple Thomson Reuters based Dojos and specific CoderDojo related initiatives such as CoderDojo Girls events and CoderDojo accessibility tour. 3 Fogarty Foundation (Non-Profit) | (100 Dojos) Currently the structure of CoderDojo WA is funded and supported solely by the Fogarty Foundation who act as the regional body for CoderDojo in Western Australia. CoderDojo has been adopted as a programme by the Fogarty Foundation as part as their STEM initiatives on a regional and local level. What some of our growth partners are doing….
  9. www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation 10 What we do directly with our

    growth partners… 1 Collaboratively create specific organisational tool-kits, support mechanisms & objectives for growth of CoderDojo. 2 Assign a dedicated corporate lead to work directly with the growth partner. 3 Collaboratively measure, evaluate and report on the CoderDojo initiatives that the growth partner is engaged with. What we do directly with our growth partners… “CoderDojo is catalysing and connecting our diverse community in Western Australia, we are able to maximise the collaborative potential of our networks. CoderDojo has become one of our most successful non-profit programs and initiatives we have adopted.” Annie Fogarty, Co-Founder - Fogarty Foundation
  10. www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation 11 Ross O’Neill | Community Lead +353

    85 108 8135 www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation, Dogpatch Labs, CHQ Building, Dublin 1, Ireland. [email protected] Pete O’Shea | Community Lead (EMEA - Europe Middle East & Africa) +353 87 696 5019 www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation, Dogpatch Labs, CHQ Building, Dublin 1, Ireland. [email protected] Want to Get Involved?...Contact Us!
  11. www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation 12 We want to… develop opportunities for

    our employees worldwide to volunteer in their communities! “CoderDojo is a fun initiative which challenges the students and Fujitsu staff to learn from each other in a sociable and creative environment that is essential to bring new ideas to life.” Tony O’Malley, CEO of Fujitsu Ireland We are always looking for organisations and corporations that wish to create unique volunteer opportunities for their staff and pools of talent. We have a number of examples of companies globally that provide CoderDojo as a programme on a local basis. Some examples of our Volunteer Partners: • LogMeIn | (United States of America) • Dell | (United States of America) • IBM | (Worldwide)
  12. www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation 13 Additional Volunteer Opportunities Translators | (CoderDojo

    Crowdin) Developers, Designers | ( Github) Content Creators (CoderDojo Wiki) Companies with multi-lingual staff can help translate our educational resources for Ninjas or our community platform. We are regularly enabling more languages. This helps CoderDojo be fully inclusive and open to the world. More information [Here] Have developers or designers? We are continually striving to improve our community platform, to make it an ever more valuable resource for the CoderDojo community. Our community platform is a great opportunity for any employees wishing to contribute to an open-source charitable project. More information [Here] Your employees can share their programming and technology knowledge, including non-programming skills like design or user testing, with children all around the world. Help children master technology and close the digital skills gap. More information [Here] Our CrowdIn Our GitHub Our Wiki
  13. www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation 14 To become a volunteer partner... You

    do not have to be a coder to mentor at a Dojo! Dojos benefit from a mix of Mentors providing support, guidance and encouragement to CoderDojo attendees (Ninjas). You can find all the information to get your employees started here: https://coderdojo.com/volunteer/ Learn More Return to Beginning
  14. www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation 15 We want to… …donate hardware, or

    software to the CoderDojo Foundation “Movements like CoderDojo have been so important in bringing the support and educational content to kids as well”. Philip Colligan, CEO, Raspberry Pi Foundation. We are always striving to provide awesome tools and resources to the community and to further our goal of scaling and sustaining on an organisational level at the CoderDojo Foundation.
  15. www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation 16 1 Intercom | (Organisational Licences) Intercom

    has fundamentally changed how we interact with the CoderDojo community as it allows us to provide real time support to parents, Mentors and Champions who are signed into the CoderDojo community platform. 2 Kano | ( Donated 200+ Units of Kano Computer Kits for Kids.) Kano kits were donated to the CoderDojo Foundation to distribute to Dojos. They could be regularly used with their accompanying educational materials to give many youth attendees the opportunity to learn more about Raspberry Pi and computing. Young people at the Dojos had the opportunity to develop their understanding of computer hardware. 3 VMware Foundation | (Donated 960 of Raspberry Pi’s) The VMware Foundation donated a total of 960 Raspberry Pis to the CoderDojo Foundation. The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to explore how computers work and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python which is taught in Dojos globally. Some examples of our Hardware & Software Partners:
  16. www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation 17 To ensure that we continue to

    do this, we have some brief criteria set out below for these partnerships. To become a hardware/software partner… • Software/Hardware has been donated on a pro bono basis. • Software/Hardware has to be of interest and value to the CoderDojo community both young and old. • Software/Hardware must be accompanied by associated resources on its potential use and impact in a Dojo setting. • Software is offered on a semi-permanent basis (minimum 1 year access with the opportunity to continue if used by the community) in order for the community to gain a lasting benefit from the offer. Contact Us: [email protected]
  17. www.coderdojo.com CoderDojo Foundation 18 CoderDojo Foundation Information Name:Hello World Foundation/

    CoderDojo Foundation Hello World Foundation, operating as CoderDojo Foundation, is a company limited by guarantee without shareholders. CoderDojo Foundation is part of the Raspberry Pi Foundation family. Company No: 524255 Charity No: CHY 20812 Registered From: 22nd February 2013 Raspberry Pi Foundation is UK Registered Charity 1129409 CoderDojo Foundation Contact Information • Giustina Mizzoni - Executive Director || [email protected] • Ross O’Neill - Community Lead || [email protected] • Pete O’Shea - Community Lead (EMEA) || [email protected] - Link to Foundation Team: https://coderdojo.com/foundation/