The CoderDojo Foundation


Giving kids and young people all over the world better access to the Magic behind the technology that surrounds us and touches almost everything that we do in our lives, CoderDojo is a global community of free programming clubs for young people.

Clubs (dojos) run all over the world on a weekly basis, giving young people between the ages of 7 and 17 the opportunity to learn how to develop computer code, websites, apps, programs, games, digital media and to explore technology.

In addition to technology skills, all participants, both young people and the adults that accompany them, enjoy the opportunity of being involved in a highly social community and experience a fun, collaborative, high energy learning environment. Young people also build complementary skills of creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration, team work and leadership.
Being truly Global and borderless, CoderDojo encourages & facilitates the community in sharing learning experiences, resources &knowledge and gives attendees, champions, mentors and parents a sense of community for life.

Our vision is a world where every child and young person has the opportunity to build technology skills, learn to code and to be creative in a safe and social environment. Empowering and opening up opportunities for young people is at the core of what we do.


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