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Start A Dojo For Corporates

Start A Dojo For Corporates

Do you want to set up a Dojo in your offices? Here is your go-to guide for how to get started and set up!

The CoderDojo Foundation

December 05, 2014

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  1. What is ? CoderDojo is the global volunteer-led movement of

    free computer programming clubs for young people aged 7 -17. At a Dojo, young people learn how to code, develop websites, apps, programs, games and explore technology using MIT Scratch, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and more! Within CoderDojo there is a focus on community, peer and self led learning with an emphasis on helping others and coding for good!
  2. What is the ? The global CoderDojo community is supported

    by the CoderDojo Foundation. A small team of dedicated individuals, who are committed to focusing on supporting both new and existing Dojos through resource and community development while also scaling CoderDojo through partnerships and creating awareness globally. Our vision is a world where every child has the opportunity to learn and be creative in a safe and social environment. Our mission is to grow our global open source volunteer network of affiliated inclusive coding clubs, where young people can create technology in a safe and social environment.
  3. Why Set up A Dojo? Support the Local Community -

    Demonstrate that your business is actively supporting the local community and the future generation of young coders. Empower your Employees! By volunteering at a Dojo your employees will be improving their key transferable skills such as communication, leadership and team work skills, as well as learning new technology skills from other mentors, volunteers, and even the young people. Create a positive brand association - reinforce your company's brand and community support message. Encourage Young People to learn about Technology - Creating a positive environment to encourage adult involvement in the CoderDojo movement will facilitate future youth participation in technology. Host and inspire young people - Give young people from the local area a chance to visit your offices and be inspired by technology.
  4. What your support would do for the CoderDojo Community? Help

    CoderDojo Grow - Facilitate CoderDojo in continuing its mission to grow a global, open source, volunteer network of free coding clubs for young people. Help spread the word about CoderDojo and give new groups the opportunity to learn more about the movement, such as: Potential CoderDojo Mentors and Volunteers within your organisation Potential Attendees: Employees that are Parents Potential CoderDojo Partners: Businesses and Organisations which you partner with or do business with. Special Dojo Space - You could provide a potential space that could be used for Special Dojos to be held. Promotional Support - Social Media, Press Release Mentor sourcing - Participation in Community Callouts for Technical Mentors. Have CoderDojo included on your CSR programme.
  5. Steps to Setting up a Dojo Step 1 - Find

    or Become a CoderDojo Champion or Co-Champion Step 2 - Gather a Team Step 3 - Find A Venue Step 4 - Plan Your Dojo 
 Step 5 - Register on Zen, the Global Dojo Database
  6. Step One - Find or Become a CoderDojo Champion A

    CoderDojo Champion is a volunteer organiser who takes charge of setting up, running and maintaining a Dojo and following the CoderDojo ethos to facilitate young people learning computer programming at no cost to themselves or their parents. Think of the Champion as the Project Manger of a Dojo! Champions do not necessarily have to have the ability to program, but they should possess the skills required to bring together technical mentors and supporters and to arrange a venue to run the Dojo. When setting up a Dojo in businesses, the Champion can often be a facilitator within the CSR department or someone who is passionate about CoderDojo within the organisation. Often CSR or similar departments spearhead opening a Dojo within their company and once initiated they pass over to an on-site employee passionate about volunteering for CoderDojo. To become a CoderDojo Champion just jump in CoderDojo.com/Start
  7. Step Two - Gather a Team What your looking for

    when your gathering a team to help you run your Dojo; Mentors • Mentors are tech savvy individuals who love to code! • Encourage, lead by example and share knowledge • Mentors plan and facilitate the Dojo sessions Non-Technical Volunteers & Parents • Even if you’re not a techie you can get involved with CoderDojo • Help with registration, social media, emails or admin • Most non-technical volunteers pick up some basic programming skills at their Dojo and can even help out with the beginners classes! (The basics of Scratch can be picked up in 2-3 hours!) How to find mentors; • Include in your organisational newsletter • Host an information night about CoderDojo • Promote through your internal networks (Yammer, Communities, Wiki etc)
  8. Step Three - Find a Venue The Dojo venue must

    be free of charge. This makes companies offices, board rooms or canteens a great space to run Dojos. If you want to host a Dojo in your premises ideally you will need; • Access to a space - at least large enough to hold a small sized Dojo (15 - 20 People) • Tables and Chairs • Wifi Access/Ethernet outlets • Power Outlets • Weekend or after school access • Public Liability Insurance that covers hosting a Dojo Laptops and other equipment are generally brought by attendees but sometimes resources, such as laptops, can be provided by the Dojo on request.
  9. Step Four - Plan your Dojo Set the date, time

    and frequency of your Dojo; • Any time/date that suits you! - Most companies run their Dojos on a weekday during the evening after work, others run at the weekend. Find out what suits your mentors • A Dojo can be weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. It all depends on the demand and your mentor availability. It is completely up to the Champion that sets up the Dojo. Why not start small (once a month and increase once your have got settled!) • To keep the momentum behind your Dojo running we would recommend running at a minimum monthly • A typical Dojo session can range anywhere from 60 minutes - 190 mins depending on the content being used. • You can check out Kata, our community wiki, for learning resources to help plan the content of your Dojo. Once you have planned your Dojo you can publicise the opening of your Dojo to attract attendees, parents and more volunteers.
  10. Step Five - Register and get verified on Zen Once

    you have completed our 4 simple steps prior to this you are ready to get verified and appear on the CoderDojo global map of Dojos! When your page is complete you will be verified and searchable on our Global Map of Dojos! This is easy and can be done in a few simple clicks; • Head to Zen.CoderDojo.com • Register with your email address • Agree to the CoderDojo Charter of Ethics • Create your Dojo Listing • On your listing you can upload your Sponsor Logo which will be visible on your Dojos page. • The CoderDojo Foundation will be able to guide you through the verification process and give suggestions to improve your page.
  11. Support from the CoderDojo Foundation We also have ongoing avenues

    of support & information for all Champions and Mentors including; • Google Organisers Group • Kata, the CoderDojo Community Wiki - filled with lots of tips and resources for Champions & Mentors • Regional Community Calls • One on One Calls • Via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) • CoderDojo Newsletter If you get stuck along the way reach out the CoderDojo Foundation who are there to support you on your journey of empowering young people to create technology.
  12. Case Study: Salesforce Foundation Dublin After meeting CoderDojo Foundation COO,

    Eugene McDonough at the Dublin Web Summit in October 2013, Cyril Treacy, Director of Sales Engineering, Salesforce Dublin, decided to become a Champion and set up a Dojo in the Salesforce Dublin office. The Salesforce Dojo runs in a training room within their offices which holds 30 kids, and they have 10 mentors from Salesforce that volunteer in the Salesforce Dojo. ‘Working as a Dojo Champion has many rewards, but the smiling faces of the children as they learn life changing skills is thanks enough on its own. It is very humbling giving back to society, and teaching the next generation to code will help them develop problem solving skills for a lifetime so take that first step for them and setup a dojo.’ Cyril Treacy, Salesforce Dublin Dojo Champion Read more about Cyrils experience as a Champion on www.salesforcefoundation.org/championing-dojos- salesforce-dublin/
  13. Get in touch If you want more information or if

    you need support from the CoderDojo Foundation, get in touch with one of the CoderDojo Foundation team and they will guide you through the process smoothly. Email - [email protected] Twitter - @CoderDojo Facebook - facebook.com/coderdojo Websites - www.coderdojo.com www.coderdojo.org