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GSEEM Master in Software Engineering @ Malardalen University Sweden

GSEEM Master in Software Engineering @ Malardalen University Sweden

GSEEM - Global Software Engineering European Master programme (



March 22, 2012


  1. Mälardalen University School of Innovation, Design and Engineering Software Engineering

    Division Prof. Ivica Crnkovic Prof. Ivica Crnkovic, Head of Software Engineering Department
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  3. 3 Where is MDH? MDH campuses campuses

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  8. 11 SE Master Program @ IDT •  Software architecture and

    software modelling •  Software Verification and •  Component-based software. Model-based development •  Distributed Software Development •  Intercultural competence in global engineering •  Many courses project-based, team-work emphasised Strong cooperation with industry •  Possibility to do the master thesis at a company Education research-related •  Master thesis as research projects •  Ericsson Industrial Lab @ MDH (IRIL) The Department and SE master program
  9. 12 Master  Thesis  &  Projects   Research  project   Industrial

     Project   2010-11-08 12 IRIL – Industrial Research and Innovation Lab
  10. 13 Study at MDH is free (no tuition) You can

    get Erasmus/Socrates scholarship All students Industrial Master thesis – likely paid by Industry Possible funding
  11. 14 Distributed  So:ware  Development  –  Sweden  -­‐  CroaAa   MDH

    Students FER Students Project group Supervisors MDH FER
  12. 15 Example of a student project in DSD course –

    BTW maps Project •  An interactive route-planning system that extends Google maps with possibility for community input. •  Travelers can find additional, less conventional information about the destination, e.g., the perfect tour for the disabled, which roads to avoid, or where to find best clubs based on user ratings. Project participants •  6 students (3 from FER, 3 from MDU) Winner of the international SCORE competition! ICSE 2009 Vancouver 2009
  13. 16 Organisation •  There is extensive support from Internatonal office

    -  Student flat – organised by MDU -  Welcome week -  Other support •  Student organisation active (excurions to Finland, Norway, skiing…)
  14. 17 Meet Federico Ciccozzi Federico Ciccozzi, graduate student Federico Ciccozzi

    from L’Aquila, Italy •  the first graduate of the Global Software Engineering European Master’s (GSEEM) program at Mälardalen University. •  About his choice of program, Federico has “No regrets!” engineering/1.28816?l=en
  15. 18 SE Master page engineering/ Prof. Sasikumar Punnekkat Software

    Engineering Program Director Prof. Ivica Crnkovic, Head of Software Engineering Division Dr. Damir Isovic Vice Dean IDT Contacts
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