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FOSS4G 2021 Rehearsal

FOSS4G 2021 Rehearsal

Preparation of Hidenori's part.


September 28, 2021

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  1. Expansion of UNVT in Japan UNVT optgeo FTS EV 130

    repos. Adopt Geodata
  2. Topography & Landform classifications https://optgeo.github.io/one-styled

  3. Voxel Tiles from point cloud (LAS) data https://x.optgeo.org/kid-a power line

  4. Expansion of UNVT in Japan UNVT optgeo FTS EV Earth

    Observation plus Vector Tiles
  5. JAXA HRLULC & Topography & Elevation https://optgeo.github.io/hrlulc3d512

  6. Expansion of UNVT in Japan UNVT optgeo FTS EV Tile

  7. FTS FTS is a tile service Tiling and hosting, free,

    as in freedom * Ghostscript Tiger is AGPL-ed.
  8. x.optgeo.org UNVT on Raspberry Pi Flock of Raspberry Pi in

    GSI 500GB HDD Produce Host Style Optimize
  9. FTS Tile Service SSH DNS Let’s Encrypt NFS HTTP/2 Tiles

    & Apps HTTP/2 HTTP Project partners in: Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE) 63rd Wintering Party Furuhashi Laboratory, Aoyama Gakuin University
  10. Meet us at https://github.com/unvt https://github.com/optgeo Thanks.