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UN-GGIM WG-Disasters Exercise & Inventory Progress

UN-GGIM WG-Disasters Exercise & Inventory Progress

UN-GGIM WG-Disasters


October 27, 2022

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  1. Hidenori UN-GGIM WG-Disasters ü Task Group B Lead ü Particpants

    in other Task Groups UN Open GIS Initiative ü Domain Working Group 7 on Smart Maps UN-GGIM-AP ü TBD 2
  2. Proposals from Task Group B 1. Task Group B cannot

    but admit that the development of the proposed scenario based exercises is not possible. Task Group B proposes to withdraw the task from the list in the workplan. 2. Still Task Group B may be able to hold an online seminar to share what we have. 4
  3. Combining Efforts I will be with the UN Open GIS

    Initiative Domain Working Group on Smart Maps if there is a need for further contribution to the Inventory Hub. 9