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Talking Tessel with a Hardware Newbie

Talking Tessel with a Hardware Newbie

This is talk was given at QueensJS, covering my journey into hardware and why I ended up landing on Tessel. For clickable links, I have a public [PDF](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74986127/Talking%20Tessel.pdf) and [HTML](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74986127/Talking%20Tessel/index.html) available as well.


January 06, 2016

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  1. Who Am I? • Empathetic Community Member • Front-End Developer

    • Hoodie Contributor • (New) Tessel Contributor • (New) ManhattanJS Organizer
  2. What I Know • HTML • CSS • JS •

    Node.js (basics) • C (sort of)
  3. Tessel Hardware • 580MHz Mediatek MT7620n • 48MHz Atmek SAMD21

    • 802.11bgn Wifi • 2 USB ports • Ethernet • microUSB • 16 GPIO pins • 4 programmable
  4. Tessel Software • OpenWRT Linux • 64 MB RAM /

    32 MB Flash • Tessel Node module • t2-cli • Rust & Python support (soon)
  5. – Tessel Mission Statement “Create a fully open source hardware

    & software platform that makes it easy and intuitive to develop Internet-connected devices. Decisions are steered by open governance, an inclusive community, and the goal of creating freely- licensed designs and tools.”
  6. • Developer experience is paramount. • Device design should focus

    on user experience. • Openness promotes innovation. • Tessel should be practical to use. • Community matters. Core Philosophies