Code Review as a Collaborative Journey

Code Review as a Collaborative Journey

Code review is not just an inspection but rather a journey of the reviewer and the reviewee working together to reach the goal - delivering a good product.

In this talk, we are explaining about how a reviewer can make a collaborative code review, especially on Android app development. Android app development requires the reviewer to take into account various considerations; while there are some useful tips for the reviewer to find out potential bugs or improvements in the code.

First, we define what a good code review is and explain the typical steps of a good code review. We think a typical process of a good code review is as follows:

1. Understand the goal and the background of the change
2. Run the app and verify the behaviour
3. Read the code and the layout XML carefully
4. Add any comments you come up with in your mind
5. Look back on your review
6. Have a conversation with the reviewee

Then we will dive into each step and show some key tips for the review of Android development with an example from our real experience. For example, we believe running the app on a device is crucial to the review of the Android app code, so we will give an example and explain why it is important.

Instead of talking about important yet too general things around code review, such as wordings of the comments, whether or not pointing out a format, etc., we are rather focusing on the entire process and Android-specific topics.


Hiroshi Kurokawa

February 08, 2019