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Tapestry 5.4: In The Pipeline

Tapestry 5.4: In The Pipeline

Presented to the cool folks at iFactory.

Howard M. Lewis Ship

September 04, 2012

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  1. Aggregation / Minimization Stacks Scalable structure: JavaScriptSupport T5.initializer Real encapsulation

    inside components Full page vs. Ajax consistency Why Tapestry JavaScript Support Rocks
  2. Why Tapestry JavaScript Support Sucks T5.initializers Simple things require "heavy"

    structure T5 namespace / Tapestry namespace – what a mess! Prototype dependency … where's jQuery? Too much based on Prototype's Class Requires a lot of monkey patching to customize
  3. JavaScript in 5.3 <input type="text" id="email" …/> JSONObject spec =

    new JSONObject("id", id, validateURL, …); javaScriptSupport.addInitializerCall("checkEmail", spec); T5.extendInitializers({ checkEmail: function(spec) { $(spec.id).on("change", function (event) { … }); } });
  4. Asynchronous Module Definition JavaScript Modules – for browsers Modules define

    dependencies Dependencies loaded asynchronously RequireJS – http://requirejs.org
  5. AMD define(["core/spi", "core/console"], function(spi, console) { … return { foo:

    function() { … }, bar: function() { … } }; }); Hygenic Function (for hiding private variables and functions) Properties exported by this module
  6. Module style Modules seem to be shorter, easier Parallel loading

    of dependencies ➠ faster page load Implicit hygenic functions to hide private properties & functions Nice avoidance of globals Easy to monkey patch Tapestry can override an entire module
  7. CoffeeScript CoffeeScript ➠ ❝… a little language that compiles into

    JavaScript❞ Concise and readable Optional parenthesis Implicit returns Concise function definitions Great fit with Underscore!
  8. CoffeeScript: Defining Functions (x,y) -> x * y function (x,

    y) { return x * y; } isBlank = (str) -> _.isNull(str) or _.isUndefined(str) or str.trim() is "" function isBlank(str) { return _.isNull(str) || _.isUndefined(str) || str.trim() === ""; } _.map list, (x) -> 2 * x _.map(list, function(x) { return 2 * x; });
  9. Modules + HTML5 data- attributes <body> … <input type="text" data-validate-url="…"

    …/> markupWriter.attributes("data-validate-url", …); javaScriptSupport.require("app/validations"); define ["core/spi"], (spi) -> spi.domReady -> spi.body().on "change", "[data-validate-url]", (event) -> …
  10. Also in 5.4 (hopefully!) Built-in Twitter Bootstrap stylesheets! Extensible Dashboard

    page Modules aggregated into stacks LESS and/or SASS support Cometd or WebSocket support … plus lots of little stuff … whatever we can finish soon, for December release
  11. Things you've missed since 5.1 Page singletons Many performance enhancements

    Improved meta-programming with Plastic Live reloading in the services layer JavaScript / CSS minimization Kaptcha support HTML5 support Non-private component fields
  12. … but wait, there's more! @ActivationRequestParameter – automates onActivate() /

    onPassivate() @RequestParameter Full HTML exception report for failed Ajax requests MultiZoneUpdate ➠ AjaxResponseRenderer service Underscore.js Tree component Skinning / Theming support User Alerts