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12 lessons learned from 9 years of community work

12 lessons learned from 9 years of community work

Since 2011, when he founded Pyvo in Brno, Honza has been helping to drive the growth and success of the Czech Python User Group. For years he has been participating in volunteer-driven meetups, courses, workshops, conferences, the Pyvec nonprofit, and more. Listen to a few lessons he has learned during his community work, which he thinks could help others to better understand how to succeed in volunteering.

Honza Javorek

October 31, 2019

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  1. what about impossible I just do it? (help if you

    want) do it…! maybe start smaller! doubting Thomases actual Thomas
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  3. org lecturer wants to give back attendee coach wants to

    teach or gives back by organizing wants to get better at teaching wants to teach or gives back by teaching easy easy
  4. added as #pydata org hmm #pyladies hmm #pyconcz helping to

    coach contributing with a PyData track
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  6. Being an introvert, I was forced into social skills -

    I had to get my job done regardless my anxieties still not able to call strangers btw
  7. 1 Learn by organizing 2 Right event for your town

    3 Do impossible 4 Kick off alone, but replicate 5 Don't quit without handover 6 Life cycle of motivations 7 Volunteering is not a job 8 Common goals beat antipathies 9 Service, Federation 10 Open by default 11 Fight impostor syndrome 12 Community work pays off