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12 lessons learned from 9 years of community work

12 lessons learned from 9 years of community work

Since 2011, when he founded Pyvo in Brno, Honza has been helping to drive the growth and success of the Czech Python User Group. For years he has been participating in volunteer-driven meetups, courses, workshops, conferences, the Pyvec nonprofit, and more. Listen to a few lessons he has learned during his community work, which he thinks could help others to better understand how to succeed in volunteering.

Honza Javorek

October 31, 2019

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  1. years of community work 12 9 lessons learned from

  2. Honza Javorek ?

  3. honzaja vorek.cz junior.guru

  4. None
  5. Learn by organizing 1

  6. 2009

  7. 2010

  8. 2010

  9. I got better in organizing, networking, and sourcing speakers

  10. I got better in Python

  11. I got to learn some Ruby too, eventually... 2013-2015, RIP

  12. I didn't give a talk at Pyvo until 2012

  13. I started a meetup because I wanted to learn the

  14. I started a meetup because I wanted to learn the

    topic (BYO speakers)
  15. org lecturer

  16. Starting their courses and sessions because they want to learn

    the topic
  17. Starting their courses and sessions because they want to learn

    the topic (BYO lecturers)
  18. Choose the right event for your town 2

  19. Brno Prague

  20. Ostrava!!!

  21. Ostrava!!! (full of Red Hat hiring flyers)

  22. Ostrava!!! Pyvo #1

  23. Ostrava!!! Pyvo #2

  24. Ostrava!!! Pyvo #3

  25. Pyvo is a networking event

  26. Networking is interesting especially for people with advanced knowledge

  27. Where do we get them in a town with not

    many Python people?
  28. We teach!

  29. None
  30. Your town isn't too small for events specialized to Python

  31. Perhaps networking event isn’t the best fit for your town

  32. They didn’t know it was impossible so they did it

    3 -- Mark Twain
  33. what about impossible I just do it? (help if you

    want) do it…! maybe start smaller! doubting Thomases actual Thomas
  34. None
  35. Kick off alone, but replicate in time 4

  36. I just did it efficient!

  37. community website scales better but agreeing is slow

  38. new version of the website? efficient! big changes? impossible

  39. which projector to buy? efficient! impossible

  40. Just do it! Kick off alone, then request comments

  41. BUT

  42. org lecturer efficient! 2 in 1 (for a start)

  43. org lecturer GOD!

  44. org lecturer prevents replication being GOD burn out leads to

  45. Don’t be a GOD (for too long)

  46. org lecturer hmm… I can become an org hmm… I

    can become a lecturer
  47. Documentation!

  48. None
  49. None
  50. None
  51. None
  52. Your job isn’t done yet if you’re the only one

    doing it 5
  53. Organizing Brno Pyvo for 5 years? From Prague?

  54. Hiring orgs, sharing tasks, rotating shifts

  55. Meetup still exists without its founder 2010-2019

  56. Meetup still exists without its founder very proud parent face

    tears omg
  57. PyCon CZ PR & Social Media prevents replication being GOD

    burn out leads to
  58. Padawan!

  59. Hire

  60. Share tasks

  61. None
  62. Ideally all PyCon CZ orgs were teams of at least

  63. Write docs

  64. Move on 2015 Brno 2016 Brno 2017 Prague 2018 Prague

  65. None
  66. If you quit without handover, everything you've built gets LOST

    and you achieved NOTHING
  67. Sharing tasks and raising padawans postpones burn out

  68. Create a life cycle of motivations 6

  69. org lecturer hmm… I can become an org hmm… I

    can become a lecturer
  70. org lecturer wants to give back attendee coach wants to

    teach or gives back by organizing wants to get better at teaching wants to teach or gives back by teaching easy easy
  71. Volunteering must not feel like a job 7

  72. Your free time, your rules

  73. Overcommunicate! Don't let people assume!

  74. Let people know you're working (so they know they can

    count on you)
  75. Let people know you're NOT working (so they can replace

    you in time)
  76. NO BLAME Responsibility? Replaceability!

  77. Common goals can beat antipathies 8

  78. From feminists to libertarians, we all unite in believing in

    Zen of Python
  79. Control < Service Unification < Federation 9

  80. From the very beginning we talk, visit, and work across

  81. Until today, we talk, visit, and work across ALL GROUPS

  82. There is no boss

  83. power, decisions work

  84. services power, decisions, work

  85. Control < Service

  86. pyvo.cz pyvo.cz?

  87. pyvo.cz pyworking.cz python.cz/en/events

  88. pyvo.cz pyworking.cz python.cz/en/events pydata.cz

  89. Unification < Federation

  90. Open by default drives engagement 10

  91. None
  92. added as #pydata org hmm #pyladies hmm #pyconcz helping to

    coach contributing with a PyData track
  93. Public Relations is also work 11

  94. knows nothing talks a lot shares stuff on F B

    celebrity knows everything works a lot doesn't spend life on F B invisible
  95. sooooo fake superficial undeserved fraud

  96. Public Relations sells the work of others

  97. Public Relations is important!

  98. Public Relations is a honest work

  99. Public Relations is a skill not so many people can

  100. Not so many people want to be so visible

  101. Modesty is okay, self-loathing* is not *hello impostor syndrome

  102. Community work pays off 12

  103. I like to create stuff which helps others

  104. Helping others is GREAT FEELING

  105. I've invested tons of free time

  106. I've got tons of friends, opportunities, soft skills, references, and

    good job offers back
  107. I've learned Open Source or how to give a talk

  108. Being an introvert, I was forced into social skills -

    I had to get my job done regardless my anxieties still not able to call strangers btw
  109. I've learned how to organize an event e.g. wedding

  110. I'd be NOBODY without the Python community

  111. None
  112. 1 Learn by organizing 2 Right event for your town

    3 Do impossible 4 Kick off alone, but replicate 5 Don't quit without handover 6 Life cycle of motivations 7 Volunteering is not a job 8 Common goals beat antipathies 9 Service, Federation 10 Open by default 11 Fight impostor syndrome 12 Community work pays off