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Build Your Cloud Infrastructure as Code With .Net Core - Build Stuff

Build Your Cloud Infrastructure as Code With .Net Core - Build Stuff

Hossam Barakat

November 19, 2021

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  1. Build Your Azure Infrastructure as Code With .NET Core Hossam

    Barakat Engineering Manager at Willow @hossambarakat_ | www.hossambarakat.net
  2. @hossambarakat_ • Azure Resource Manager • Terraform • Bicep •

    AWS CloudFormation • Google Deployment Manager • … Declarative Infrastructure as Code tools
  3. @hossambarakat_ • Pulumi is an open source infrastructure as code

    tool the lets you use real languages – C#, TypeScript, Go,… – to provision and manage cloud resources. What is Pulumi?
  4. @hossambarakat_ • Control flow with loops and if conditions •

    Abstraction with functions, classes, packages,… • Code sharing with package management (Nuget, npm,…) • Authoring with favourite IDEs, refactoring, code completion, static type checking • Testing with existing frameworks and tools Benefits
  5. @hossambarakat_ Projects & Stacks web-app (Pulumi.yaml) Project $ pulumi new

    Stacks $ pulumi stack init stackName Pulumi.<stack-name>.yaml Pulumi.yaml
  6. @hossambarakat_ Configurations $ pulumi config set dbPassword S3cr37 config: serverless-app:dbPassword:

    S3cr37 Pulumi.<stack-name>.yaml var config = new Pulumi.Config(); var password = config.Require("dbPassword"); Pulumi.cs
  7. @hossambarakat_ How Pulumi Works State CLI and Engine AWS Azure

    Kubernetes Providers Code Plan Apply new Resource()