What's a Product Manager?

What's a Product Manager?

Talk given at Product Lab in Madrid 10-March-2017


C. Todd Lombardo

March 10, 2017


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    When: at a time when ___________ What: [our product] is

    the only ___________ How: that _____________ Who: for ______________ Where: in ______________ Why: who ____________ Source: Janna Bastow
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    Example At a time when travel is frequent, but travelers

    plan less… Trip Advisor has the only international restaurant recommendation engine… that gives immediate recommendations based on location and review… for the everyday traveler… from countries all over the world… who need to save time and energy on finding local eateries.
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    Ten Universal Business Objectives Product–Market Fit & Differentiation • Support

    core value • Create barriers to competition Growth: Scaling Grow market share • Enter or develop a new market • Increase revenue • Increase fulfillment capacity Profit: Reaping the Value Support • Higher pricing • Lower costs • Increase lifetime value • Leverage existing assets
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    Best Prioritization Methods The CEO’s gut Not close enough Analyst

    opinions Mostly backward-looking Popularity Most customers are small Sales requests Change every week Services requests Mostly incremental Worst Credit. Bruce McCarthy
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    Feasibility (technical) Desirability (human) Viability (business) TOTALS Restaurant reviews 5

    5 5 15 User expertise rating 3 4 4 11 Find restaurant by cuisine 2 4 3 9 Auto-populate search 5 2 2 9 Order of priority Example
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    G.R.O.W. ◦ Goals—What are they trying to accomplish in the

    next XX months? ◦ Reality—What’s on their plate now? What’s recent? ◦ Options—What have they thought will help them achieve those goals? What options have you already discussed that need to be revisited? ◦ Way-forward—Which of the options help them achieve the goals they described earlier in the conversation? Which options are at the top of their list and why?
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    Hay aqua en el suelo —> Limpiarlo Tubo con fugas

    —> Reemplace el tubo Demasiada presión —> Reduzca la presión más baja Regulador de presión —> Reemplace el regulador Programa de mantenimiento —> Inspeccionar más frecuente ¿POR QUÉ? ¿POR QUÉ? ¿POR QUÉ? ¿POR QUÉ? ¿Cual es el problema?
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    A design sprint is a flexible time-boxed PROBLEM SOLVING framework

    that increases the chances of making something people want
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    Prototype Test Converge WEEK 1 Refine Build Test WEEK 2 Refine Build Test WEEK 3 Refine Build Test WEEK 4 Refine Build Test WEEK n
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    Why you do this job I don’t know, but it

    does explain all the beer. Product Manager’s Spouse Credit. Bruce McCarthy