Data & Design Like PB&J

7cbd3f5f922d798cc312eaf596de7ae6?s=47 C. Todd Lombardo
February 15, 2018

Data & Design Like PB&J

A 2015 PwC survey of 1,300 CEOs in 77 countries, ranked data mining and analytics as the second most important digital technology and organizational capability. What does this mean for designers? How can designers be “data literate?” Designers who understand data will be the designers who make a bigger impact with their work. Design solves problems, we know this well. Data helps inform the choices you make to solve those problems. Taking this a step further into product and experience design, this talk higlights how data can be used to help make design choices that produce better experiences for our users. We’ll present an approach to follow along with examples in the field to draw inspiration for your work.


C. Todd Lombardo

February 15, 2018