Introducing pandas_profiling (lightning talk)

Introducing pandas_profiling (lightning talk)

5 minute introduction to EDA with pandas_profiling:



April 04, 2018


  1. pandas_profiling lighting talk PyDataLondon 2018-04 Ian Ozsvald @IanOzsvald

  2. @IanOzsvald[.com] PyDataLondon 2018-04 Why not df.describe() &

  3. @IanOzsvald[.com] PyDataLondon 2018-04 pandas_profiling

  4. @IanOzsvald[.com] PyDataLondon 2018-04 pandas_profiling

  5. @IanOzsvald[.com] PyDataLondon 2018-04 pandas_profiling Pclass vs Fare and Age

    (negative relationship) is_female vs Survived (positive relationship)
  6. @IanOzsvald[.com] PyDataLondon 2018-04 Wrap-up • Several PRs needing a

    review – get involved? • Additions for categoricals and correlations • Author is fairly responsive, it looks like a nice first project to get involved with