Building Game AI for Better User Experiences

Building Game AI for Better User Experiences

This deck was presented at Google Cloud Next ’19 in SF.
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In DeNA, AI is a big bet for next-generation mobile games. This session introduces our AI applications made for “Gyakuten Othellonia” and how they were built with GCP. “Gyakuten Othellonia” is a popular mobile game in Japan, but it is challenging for beginners to win a match because of its complicated rules and a huge number of card combinations. To help such beginners learn how to play competitively, and most importantly, enjoy the game, we started to provide AI applications that 1) support deck building, and 2) control the behavior of the bot that archives human-like gameplay. In this session, we first share our experiences on how we designed, trained, and optimized our models for our applications. Secondly, we talk about how we built a scalable and robust backend system with Cloud Machine Learning Engine. In our case, high scalability (10x traffic in a peak), low latency, and zero errors were key requirements to serve large in-game events without debasing the quality. Finally, we provide some KPIs to show how our AI applications achieved better user experiences for beginners.



April 09, 2019