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July 07, 2014


Learn about and its Bundle Windows Software Distribution. We deliver millions of global installs for Large brand name software developers to mid sized software developers.
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July 07, 2014


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    BUNDLING OFFERS • Bundling: we offer end user’s recommended products

    during the install of the primary product. All offers are clearly listed and 100% optional for the use to install
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    BRAND NAME ADVERTISERS • We work with over 45 advertisers

    globally. • Sample clients include:
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    TARGETING • Country Based Targeting • Computer Targeting - PC

    language - Operating System - Default Browser - Competitor Software • We Microsoft Malware Compliant and Google Adwords & Chrome Compliant
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    REPORTS • Live Reports • Details - Offers Shown -

    Offers Accepted - Install Failure by geo and pc details - Install Success by geo and pc details - PC and Default browser information
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    ABOUT INSTALLMONETIZER • 3+ years of experience in the business

    of software distribution and monetization with emphasis on tech & optimizing publishers campaigns • Offices in Sunnyvale USA and Hyderabad India ‘Y Combinator-Backed InstallMonetizer Is A Selective Ad Network For Desktop Software’