Paul Adams - Innovation Incubator

Paul Adams - Innovation Incubator


Iain Mansell

March 06, 2019


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    • We are a team of entrepreneurs- for-hire who start

    new ventures • Clients big organisations who want to start something new eg Virgin, Aston University • Also create our own ventures eg Innovation Incubator WHO ARE GOLDFISH?
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    • Limited to larger towns and cities • Not all

    entrepreneurs want a physical office, e.g. entrepreneurs with a day job • Entrepreneurs need space for different lengths of time PHYSICAL INCUBATORS HAVE LIMITATIONS…
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    • Online communities don’t just happen they need to be

    built around common interests • All entrepreneurs have some common characteristics e.g. proactive, willing to take risks, starting something new • But their businesses have different goals and markets WHY IS THERE NO CENTRAL ONLINE COMMUNITY FOR STARTUPS? - A ‘MUMSNET FOR ENTREPRENEURS’?
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    • Large organisations see the value in working with startups

    to innovate • Startup with a solution their problems - if they could meet • A contract to supply a large corporate customers is often worth more than investment • Innovation programmes expensive LARGE ORGANISATIONS WANT TO CONTACT ENTREPRENEURS TO INNOVATE AND SOLVE PROBLEMS
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    • An online community of entrepreneurs run by entrepreneurs sharing

    knowledge eg ratings of service providers • Built around innovation challenges set by government and corporates who want start-ups to solve problems • Works with, and signposts to, the existing local off-line startup support provision • Providing a way for government, LEPs and corporates to reach entrepreneurs cost-effectively and understand issues in real-time INNOVATION INCUBATOR
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    WMCA PILOT – EXAMPLE PARTNERS Networking Funding Training and support

    Interaction Innovation challenges Physical space
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    • Entrepreneurs respect the views of those who have been

    entrepreneurs more than advice from government or banks • Innovation Incubator will be a new not-for-profit company • A collective owned by its entrepreneur members • Set up and managed by a team of entrepreneurs (who work on the incubator a maximum of 4 days a week) • Board composed of entrepreneurs and elected in part by the entrepreneur members GOVERNANCE
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    • Proof of concept March-June • Ex-Volvo Director of Innovation

    and Strategy • Find corporate partners seeking innovation • Work with entrepreneurs and innovators • Create costed business plan • Gain funding • Launch end 2019 NEXT STEPS