ITT 2017 - Estelle Weyl - Mobile Web Performance

ITT 2017 - Estelle Weyl - Mobile Web Performance

Estelle Weyl is talking about Mobile Web Performance. Some of your users are on mobile browsers that may be more advanced than the desktop browsers of other users, but chances are those phones with their advanced browsers may have similar memory and bandwidth constraints to the computer you threw out or recycled 5 years ago.

While as developers we’re finally enjoying the ubiquity of modern browsers accessing the web, it’s the devices themselves that are now creating constraints we always need to consider. The issue with mobile isn’t “Old IE”, but rather battery life, latency, memory and UI responsiveness. In this session, Estelle Weyl will discuss best practices to make sure your site performs well, no matter how your user is accessing your content.


Istanbul Tech Talks

April 03, 2017