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August 04, 2019



August 04, 2019

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  1. About owl Owl provides.. 2min - Redux like state management.

    - Easy coroutine integration. - Lifecycle aware state stream with Android Architecture Component
  2. How it works 5min - Intent Intent is the sealed

    class that indicates how we want to change the State. We should not consider current State when we dispatch Intent.
  3. How it works 5min - Action Action is the sealed

    class that have the data we actually want to apply to State. We can access to Intent dispatched and current State when we create Action.
  4. How it works 5min - State State is just a

    data class that contains view state. We should not write any logic in it.
  5. How it works 5min - IntentToAction IntentToAction is a function

    that create Action from dispatched Intent and previous State.
  6. How it works 5min - Reducer Reducer is a function

    that create next state from action and previous state. (If you are familiar with Redux, this is same as reducer of that.)
  7. Conclusion 1min Owl is - Minimum status management library for

    Android Application. - Easy to use Kotlin Coroutine - Easy to test