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GSSC 2012 Class Day Disruption Survey Results

April 24, 2012

GSSC 2012 Class Day Disruption Survey Results


April 24, 2012

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  2. SURVEY PARTICIPATION OVERVIEW A survey was sent to the entire

    GS Student Body on Monday night. By 5 PM on Tuesday, we received: 135 survey responses from GS seniors, out of a total graduating class of about 350 students plus 28 additional responses from other GS, SEAS, CC, and Barnard students in a separate feedback form
  3. Q1: Can you personally still attend Class Day now it’s

    on Sunday? 11% 89% Yes, I still can Not any more! 14 graduating seniors told us that the will have to miss Class Day due to the rescheduling
  4. Q2: Can your friends & family still attend Class Day

    on this new date? 24% 38% 38% Yes, all of them can still come No, some can’t come No, none of them can come 62% of graduating seniors reported that some of their guests now are unable to see them graduate
  5. Q3: How many members of your friends & family are

    affected by this change? 0 10 20 30 40 50 NUMBER OF AFFECTED FRIENDS & FAMILY 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 OTHER NUMBER OF GRADUATING SENIORS On average, 3 guests of each graduating seniors are affected by this rescheduling, and would need to cancel their trips or change their itineraries.
  6. Q4: What is the estimated total financial impact of the

    rescheduling to your family? 0 6 12 18 24 30 ESTIMATED TOTAL FINANCIAL IMPACT UNDER $100 $100 - $500 $500 - $1,000 $1,000 - $2,000 $2,000 - $5,000 $5,000 OR MORE 6 12 20 28 18 14 NUMBER OF GRADUATING SENIORS WHO CHOSE TO DISCLOSE ESTIMATES The financial impact for each GS student’s family is around $500.
  7. Q5: Time preference: 9:00 am on Sunday vs. 5:30 am

    start time on Monday Almost half of the graduating seniors agree with Dean Awn’s decision to avoid the 5:30 AM gathering time due to President Obama-related security precautions. 25% 26% 49% As announced on Sun 9:00 AM Original time on Mon, but start at 5:30 AM No preference
  8. Q6: Venue preference: On campus on Sunday vs. off-campus at

    original time A majority of graduating seniors would like to graduate inside the Columbia campus on Sunday over holding Class Day in an off-campus venue at the original time. 16% 29% 55% On Campus on Sun Off-Campus at original time on Mon No preference
  9. Q7: How should GSSC address and move forward with this

    Class Day issue? Demand financial compensation “Our families should be reimbursed for the expenses they are incurring.” “Complementary on campus guest-housing may help families severely effected, also vouchers or partial reimbursements based on individual cost maybe helpful.” “Compensation for adjusted last minute scheduling for low income families. That would be the only way that my parents and siblings could attend.” “The damage has already been done, but maybe some sort of compensation would be in order from the administration for the terrible inconvenience and emotional disturbance they have caused.”
  10. Q7: How should GSSC address and move forward with this

    Class Day issue? Request public apology from Columbia administrators “I think GSSC should make a recommendation that President and the University publicly apologize for inconveniencing a student body of 350 or more at such short notice.” Find a different date or an alternate venue “Host the ceremony in any hotel, catering hall, nightclub, music venue, performing arts venue, church, high school gym, even in Brooklyn.” “Why not move it to Tuesday? Many families are coming from Monday-Wednesday in order to attend class day and commencement. Having class day on Tuesday would logically encompass most out of town travelers.”
  11. Communicate GS students’ frustration and anger “What the hell is

    this change all of sudden... This is unacceptable” “WHY WERE WE NOT INFORMED THAT THERE COULD BE A POSSIBILITY OF THIS EARLIER.” Appeal to President Obama “Is Obama giving its back to military veterans, disrupting the GS class events only 3 weeks before graduation? Certainly makes for great PR in an election year. Maybe somebody should write the White House and tell them about this situation.” Request that Barnard move their Class Day to another venue “Barnard could have their class day on their own campus.” “The commentary about having either the GS class day or Barnard commencement at Baker field sounds like a reasonable alternative.”
  12. Q8: Comments, suggestions or complaints for Dean Awn and President

    Bollinger? “Dean Awn: Please keep your promise that was relayed to the senior class marshals that you would boycott graduation if it moved to another date. Many of us heard that promise.” “I think Bollinger needs to make a more forceful comment on the value of GS to the Columbia community. Thanking us for being "good citizens" doesn't really acknowledge any inconvenience this has placed on the GS community.”
  13. “Both my parents are disabled and made travel and hotel

    arrangements accordingly MONTHS ago, They have already maxed themselves out on travel arrangements (neither can work due to disability), and should NOT be expected to incur greater financial responsibility, which is impossible, or move to another location, which is difficult due to disability.” “Your request is absurd and utterly disrespectful to me and my family. The lack of communication among administrators with student leaders in regards to this issue is unacceptable and clearly displays a larger problem on our campus.”
  14. “I am just so hurt. This puts a considerable strain

    on my family, and I'm worried that the hundreds of family members -- and the graduates to whom they are attached -- who will be unable to attend now, and have wasted thousands of dollars will put a dark cloud over this graduation. President Bollinger's has always said that GS is an equal member of the undergraduate schools. I am not feeling that way right now. In addition, I was insulted by his email to the graduating seniors. He (or his staff) did not even offer an apology, just said, ‘thanks for understanding, suck it up.’”
  15. “In addition to all of the inconvenience this is causing,

    to make us choose between going to class day commencement and taking part in the ONLY religious part of our graduation -- the Baccalaureate Service is truly unacceptable and sad.” “This isn't President Bollinger's fault, Dean Awn's fault, or even President Obama's security's fault. Perhaps a combination of the three. It is absolutely infuriating that the GS graduating class are the ones who suffer because of the inadequacies of the administration.”
  16. “We all have to roll with the punches in life.

    The administration did the best they could under the circumstances. I would thank Dean Awn and President Bollinger for their efforts and for making Sunday available.” “President Bollinger, and all those responsible for the graduation coordinations and planning should be ashamed of themselves, and, most importantly, should be working tirelessly to make it right. Because it can, and SHOULD be made right.”