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Jamm Culture Deck (en)

June 22, 2023

Jamm Culture Deck (en)


June 22, 2023

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  1. 1 © 2023 Jamm Inc. It’s time to start a

    movement. Let’s get Jammin’. Many people and companies, are hurt by the current transfer to “cashless-ness”. We will transfer the world to a new fintech-based economy, based on non-predatory and stress-free transactions and interactions between users and businesses.
  2. 2 © 2023 Jamm Inc. Who’s really smiling when you

    use your credit card? Card companies make money from charging higher fees for smaller businesses. They also make money from users who overspend and can’t make their payments.
  3. 3 © 2023 Jamm Inc. Let’s change that. Jamm, the

    only digital wallet that we’ll ever need. Specifics are not shared externally, as we are building our product in stealth. Please be on the lookout for more information on Jamm.
  4. 4 © 2023 Jamm Inc. We’re gathering our first members

    to build out our product. Be a Jammie! We are only making a total of 5 hires to build out the Jamm wallet. If this is you, please reach out to [email protected]
  5. 6 © 2023 Jamm Inc. Our Values. Movement! We aren’t

    a mere business. We’re a movement. In charge! We will put the best person in charge. That person will have full trust by the organization to make the best choices for the movement. Own it! You’re an integral part of the Jamm. Hold your own. Speak up for the team. Push right! Many things are a tradeoff. Reach the tradeoff and move further right. Leave the zone! Take smart risk. Leave your comfort zone.
  6. 7 © 2023 Jamm Inc. Sho Hashizume Born and raised

    in New York. Family ran an Izakaya in NY. 2017~2021 McKinsey & Company 2021~2023 Estie Inc. 2023~ Jamm Inc. About the Founder.