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Reactor - A Foundation for Reactive FastData Applications on the JVM

by Jon Brisbin

Published September 10, 2013 in Programming

Reactor takes the best ideas from several asynchronous toolsets and synthesizes them into a coherent framework that supports a variety of runtime topologies and makes it easy for developers to efficiently leverage their cloud or traditional hardware assets. Reactor is equally at home inside or outside a Spring ApplicationContext and also provides first-class Groovy support in the form of DSLs and language extensions. Special attention has been given to make Reactor easy enough to use to create single-file node.js-like applications, while maintaining a solid asynchronous toolset that works with Big and Fast Data tools like Gemfire, Spring Integration, and Spring Batch. This talk will give Reactor a proper introduction and show sample code that demonstrates the event-driven and composition-based nature of Reactor applications.

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