Contributing to Drupal - no experience needed!

Contributing to Drupal - no experience needed!


João Ventura

May 12, 2017


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 NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! João Ventura (@jcnventura) Wunder

    Germany 11.5.2017 Drupal Camp Nordics 2017 #DCNordics
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    We’re hiring! Want to work with us? #5 Great place

    to work 2017 (FI) Finland, Latvia, Estonia Germany, UK, …
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    Drupal User Group Meetings Find your local group or create

    one Meeting types Bar/Café/Tea Social event Community Sessions (Tutorials, Case Studies, etc.)
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    Drupal sprint organisation Help to create a sprint Advertise in

    local user groups Provide a venue (+ internet + power) Think about mentored sprints Or simply attend a sprint Tomorrow. Right Here. 13:00-19:00 Drupal sprint Tampere 17 June ( tapahtumat/drupal-sprintti-tampereella-176)
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    DrupalCamp organisation Make one of these! Help to start

    it Help to make it happen Help during the event And after the event, make sure everyone stays friends.
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    DrupalCon organisation DrupalCons are a >3000 attendees event, managed by

    the Drupal Association. But the local community is still somewhat involved. Volunteer to help in the event secret: you get a free t-shirt, and are invited to the volunteer’s dinner
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    Other ways to contribute • Translations • Documentation • User

    group meetings • Events: DrupalCamps, Sprints • Mentoring
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    Translations Europe has a plurality of languages. If you’re fluent

    in something other than English, help to translate Drupal.
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    Documentation We especially value the perspective of beginners on Drupal

    Documentation. Once you login to d.o most pages should have an ‘Edit’ button.
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    d.o Issue Queues Drupal and all contrib modules have bug

    reports/feature requests created as issues. Some maintainers have multiple projects (e.g. Dave Reid) Not possible to answer all issues Some issues are simple “How to do this?” questions Solve the issue by improving the documentation.
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    Issue queue workflow Active: no work yet. Needs work: fix

    proposed, but needs improvements. Needs review: fix proposed, needs to be tested. Reviewed & tested by the community (RTBC): proposed fix works!! Fixed: The proposed fix was committed. Party time!!! Closed: The state that all issues want to have.
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    OK.. So.. What about code? • Drupal core • Highest

    visibility. • Lots of bike shedding. • Drupal contributed modules • Visibility depends on the popularity. • King-of-the-castle.
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    Not only Drupal. • Linux (not easy to get into)

    - int **writtenInC (or assembly) • Apache / nginx (don’t know a lot about it..). Both C. • MySQL / MariaDB. (MariaDB is gathering momentum) C/ C++ • PHP (!!!) - also in C. • parse_url(‘tel:911') • jQuery, Symfony, composer, AngularJS, node.js, etc.
  18. 23. Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 1, D1.019; 80992 München Wunder Germany d.o:

    jcnventura Phone: +49.89.85636307 João Ventura Any questions??
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