Deconstructing Single Page Applications

1949e3c40f8eb31baacc9a2f6e9e5d2a?s=47 Jeanette
January 09, 2015

Deconstructing Single Page Applications

Presented at CodeMash 2015

I updated my slides for Ann Arbor .NET Developers , and updated them here as well. That presentation was 10/15/15. (Crazy how fast things in a js framework presentation can go out of date!)

The modern web has introduced new demands for performance that cannot be met solely on the server side, and Single Page Applications (SPAs) have rushed in to meet those demands. The SPA universe is full of choices (Backbone, Angular, Ember and more). What sets them apart, and how do you choose one? They all address the same problem set: rendering, routing, data-binding, event handling, composability and others. By dissecting how different frameworks approach these problems, we can investigate the quirks that set frameworks apart and gain a more intimate understanding of the SPA architecture itself. For beginners, ninjas and anyone in between, this talk can guide you further in the search for SPA enlightenment.



January 09, 2015