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Tech tools that promote collaboration

8eb0387f354fd8a09690f059acd4a58f?s=47 Jeff Mohr
November 29, 2017

Tech tools that promote collaboration

Presentation by Jeff Mohr at the Civic Canopy 2017 Collective Impact Summit.


Jeff Mohr

November 29, 2017


  1. Technology tools that promote collaboration & drive change

  2. “If you want to teach people a new way of

    thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller
  3. The tools

  4. Learn about tools that can support your collaborative work Discover

    practical ways to measure the health of your network Get connected to people who can help you with how to implement these tools Objectives for today
  5. Kumu

  6. None
  7. Most often done by running surveys (through survey monkey or

    survey gizmo) Combination of demographic and relationship questions Consider including strategy questions as well Measuring your network
  8. 0: Not in my network; I do not know this

    person 1: On my radar; I know of this person, but rarely communicate or cross paths with them 2: In my peripheral network; I keep in touch with this person and/or occasionally work, socialize or collaborate with them 3: In my core network; I know this person well and/or frequently work, collaborate or socialize with them Sample relationship strengths
  9. None
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  11. Civic Network

  12. A web based tool designed to support collaborative efforts. Civic

    Network allows users to • create profiles • create shared working space for networks and collaborative groups • share documents, tools, and best practices • identify available resources to understand who is doing what and where What is Civic Network?
  13. Add A Little History. . .

  14. What would it take for us to work more effectively

  15. Key Functions of Civic Network

  16. Visit the “About” page on • Download “Civic Network

    Starter Guide” that has step-by-step instructions with screenshots to guide you through the key steps to getting started. • Check back later for more tutorials! Read the Quarterly Civic Network E-Newsletter • If you have a created a profile, you’ll receive the e-newsletter at the email address you used to create your profile. Email Civic Network Support
  17. Slack

  18. Real-time communication tool that uses channels to organize messages Public

    channels, private channels, and DMs An alternative to email (for many teams) LOTS of integrations to streamline your work Available via phone or computer What is Slack?
  19. None
  20. Increases transparency Easier collaboration across boundaries Supports self organization &

    network way of working Creates a space where shared learning can happen Benefits of Slack
  21. Use for internal Canopy team communication Takes the clutter and

    confusion out of our email inboxes Slack channels used to organize types of information, communication Allows for more personality, creativity, and fun within team communication, in turn strengthening relationships and team cohesion Slack at The Civic Canopy
  22. Compass

  23. A Slack add-on built by Kumu which helps you build

    healthy and effective teams Compass analyzes your team’s messages to identify the network structure of your team See ranked lists of team members by network and other metrics Easily run surveys from within Slack What is Compass?
  24. None
  25. Questions?

  26. Thank you!