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Deploying Rock Solid Applications with Kubernetes

Deploying Rock Solid Applications with Kubernetes

Kubernetes has made it easy to deploy applications to the cloud. It’s even made it easy to deploy the same application across several instances. This, however, does not mean that your application will be highly available by default. To achieve high availability for your applications, there's a lot more involved.

In this talk we'll look at:
- creating secure Docker images and enforcing this at the cluster level with Pod Security Policies;
- configuring Health Checks and possible caveats like Circular Dependencies;
- limiting traffic between services with Network Policies;
- tolerating node failure by implementing correct Anti-Affinity rules;
- rescheduling pods onto new available nodes after node failure with Disruption Budgets;
- setting up correct deployment strategies;
- how to automate this with Custom Resource Definitions;

Jelmer Snoeck

December 12, 2018

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