How to Set Client Expectations // Artifact Conf Providence

D83926c323d4f9289f947b4b4e76b939?s=47 Jen Simmons
November 04, 2013

How to Set Client Expectations // Artifact Conf Providence

We designers aren't the only ones needing to adapt to a changing web ecosystem. Our clients and bosses also need to change their expectations around what a "site design" entails today and what deliverables will be provided during the design and development process. Every member of our panel has experience selling responsive design to clients and adjusting deliverables and payment schedules in an appropriate way. They'll share their experiences and welcome questions from you and your fellow attendees.

A panel with Kristin Ellington, Matt Griffin, and Drew Clemens, moderated by Jen Simmons. Presented at Artifact Conference in Providence, Rhode Island on November 4, 2013.


Jen Simmons

November 04, 2013