Modern Layouts: Getting Out of Our Ruts

Modern Layouts: Getting Out of Our Ruts

In the early years of the web, there was a lot of variation and experimentation with where to put content on a web page. Then, it seems, we all settled into a handful of patterns and stayed there for over a decade. It wasn’t until the arrival of responsive design that new ideas for page layout started appearing. Now with new CSS properties for layout landing in browsers, we are about to see a bigger renaissance in layout design patterns. How can we better use the space inside the glass rectangle? What layout innovations could help users better find and focus on what they want? Take a walk through where we’ve been, where we might be going, and how we can better design for the true medium at hand. This talk features practical examples of what's newly possible, along with access to a code repo for you to play with later.

Live demo:
Code repo:

Presented at:

An Event Apart, Seattle
An Event Apart, San Diego
An Event Apart, DC
An Event Apart, Chicago
An Event Apart, Austin
An Event Apart, San Francisco
Future of Web Design, San Francisco
Future of Web Design, New York
Ampersand, Brighton
Responsive Field Day, Portland
HOW Interactive, Boston
Push Conference, Munich
SFHTML5 Meetup, San Francisco
UIE Virtual Seminar, online
Responsive Web Design Summit, online

Generate, New York
Blend Conf, Charlotte
CSS Dev Conf, New Orleans, Winner of Best Conference Presentation

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I am also creating a one- or two-day workshop version. Ask me about it.


Jen Simmons

June 09, 2015