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On the HTML5 + Drupal Working Group // NYC Drupal Meetup

D83926c323d4f9289f947b4b4e76b939?s=47 Jen Simmons
February 02, 2011

On the HTML5 + Drupal Working Group // NYC Drupal Meetup

In Feb 2011, I presented at the NYC Drupal Meetup about the HTML5 Drupal Working Group — what we were doing at the time to incorporate HTML5 into Drupal 6, 7, and 8, and others could join the effort.


Jen Simmons

February 02, 2011

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  2. JEN SIMMONS designer, front end developer & drupal architect drupaling

    since 2007, building websites since 1996 creator of Bartik, the default theme in Drupal 7 Senior Developer at Palantir.net jensimmons.com twitter: jensimmons
  3. SLIDES AT: jen.cm/h4

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  6. YES.

  7. Jeremy Keith's Keynote AT DRUPALCON COPENHAGEN drupalradar.com/video-jeremy-keith-keynote-session


  9. HTML5 DRUPAL GROUP groups.drupal.org/html5 irc: #drupal-html5

  10. GOALS Use HTML5 today on Drupal 6 & 7 websites.

    Figure out best practices for Drupal + HTML5 through real world experiences. HTML5ify Drupal 8.
  11. HTML5 TOOLS MODULE drupal.org/project/html5_tools

  12. TOOLS Implement HTML5 Forms Simplify the output of: $scripts, $styles,

    $submitted, etc. Override menu markup to be <nav> Add HTML5 Elements to the Filtered HTML input filter
  13. ELEMENTS MODULE drupal.org/project/elements

  14. PUT HTML5 FORM INPUT ELEMENT SUPPORT INTO D7 CORE? drupal.org/node/675348

  15. HTML5 BASE THEME drupal.org/project/html5_base

  16. BASE Override core templates — basically HTML5ify Stark. (node.tpl, page.tpl,

    block.tpl, comment.tpl, comment-wrapper.tpl, region.tpl, html.tpl, etc…) HTML5 Fundamentals is a child theme that will do fancier stu .
  17. HTML5 DRUPAL WORKING GROUP groups.drupal.org/html5 irc: #drupal-html5

  18. None
  19. HTML5 BASE ISSUE QUEUE http://drupal.org/project/issues/html5_base?version=7.x

  20. None
  21. HTML5 TOOLS ISSUE QUEUE http://drupal.org/project/issues/html5_tools?version=7.x

  22. ALSO: Lots of writing and documenting to do. For HTML5

    Tools and Base projects for D6 & D7. The plan for D8.
  23. ON TWITTER @drupalhtml5

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