Measuring Advocacy

Measuring Advocacy

Due to the multi-faceted aspect of Developer Relations, this team can help your company adoption in many ways; ranging from marketing message amplification to SDK adoption. Any good Developer Relations team is driving adoption of your product and advocating for your value proposition in the community. But, how do you measure the impact of advocacy? This session will provide examples of unleashing the full power of Developer Relations, the impact it can have on your organization, and how the right metrics can amplify this value through measurement and goals.


Jessica West

July 08, 2020


  1. Measuring Advocacy @jessicaewest

  2. Communities are at the core of what we do @jessicaewest

  3. We have them at our fingertips Photo by Allie on

    Unsplash @jessicaewest
  4. But…How do you measure authentic community conversations @jessicaewest

  5. @jessicaewest YOU DON’T

  6. All your other activities are your story and conversations add

    flavor Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash @jessicaewest
  7. MEASURE YOUR PRESENCE ENGINEERING Adoption data from your products MARKETING

    Traffic data DEVELOPER RELATIONS Tracking Activities SALES ARR and lead attachment @jessicaewest
  8. IMPACT OVER NUMBERS • Produce 5 blogs • Deliver 5

    talks • Hire 2 Developer Advocates PROGRAM #1 PROGRAM #2 PROGRAM #3 • Publish 5 developer-focused blog posts • Deliver 5 product-focused talks • Hire 2 Developer Advocates • Reach 15k unique developers through rich blog content • Engage with 5k developers through speaking opportunities • Increase advocacy output efforts 2x through adding two developer advocate headcount. @jessicaewest
  9. LEVERAGE YOUR PARTNERSHIPS MARKETING Google Analytics Social Activity Event data

    ENGINEERING Account Queries @jessicaewest
  10. MARKETING # of unique visitors (connect your GA) • Incoming

    traffic sources (how did that user land on your page) • Time spent on article (compare that to the length of content, did it resonate with your audience) • Behaviour funnels (analyze how your audience interacts with your content, is it how you wanted, etc) WRITTEN CONTENT VIDEO CONTENT EVENTS & WEBINARS # of active views # of subscribers • Engagement graphs (what were the interactions with the video, did they stay the whole time) • Heat maps (what part of video did they pause, rewatch, skip through) # of registrants # of attendees CTA success PODCAST CONTENT # of downloads // # subscribers • Listener trends • Geo-location STREAMING CONTENT # of unique viewers # channel followers @jessicaewest
  11. ENGINEERING PRODUCT USAGE # of attach rates to partner integrations

    # of SDK usage SDK by language (what communities are thriving, which ones need help) SDK by account type (account activity from trial, complete drop off, transition to paid or free account) Account by persona (tracking developer, product manager, leadership, sales) OPEN SOURCE DEMOS # of stars on repo # of account sign ups #of remixes @jessicaewest
  12. SALES Influenced ARR @jessicaewest

  13. DEVELOPER RELATIONS SPEAKING • Webinars • Conference talks • Panel

    discussions • Partner collaborations • Podcast • Streaming WRITING • Proprietary blog posts • 3rd party blog posts • Technical documentation • Internal documentation/education • E-books CODING • Internal code-base • Integrations/Partnerships • Product demos • Open source contributions • Partner collaborations TEAM COLLABORATION • Customer visits/calls • Sales demos • Education to company • Product feedback • Social campaigns @jessicaewest
  14. GLOBAL VIEWPOINT Each data point collected is valid on its

    own, but the power comes from pulling them all together for a story of impact. Photo by Dan Burton on Unsplash @jessicaewest
  15. A USE CASE Gap identified in the JavaScript community Advocate

    takes the quarter to improve with the following: Research Creation Amplification Analyze Iterate Ability to showcase the problem, solution and results Ability to tie advocate activity back to activity company has received Photo by Alex Loup on Unsplash @jessicaewest
  16. COMMUNICATE AND ITERATE •Communicate consistently and frequently •Instantiate a feedback

    loop with stakeholders •Be open and agile to change •Treat your company like your community @jessicaewest
  17. WHERE TO START •Find where data lives within your company

    reporting •Take some time to analyze what makes sense for your department •Get buy-in from your stakeholders •Start small with measuring traffic and product usage as a baseline •Report progress to your company, rally your troops! •Iterate each quarter with a focus on what you’re seeing from the data results @jessicaewest
  18. The true benefit we have right now with everything online

    vs offline? Tracking and measuring your department’s success has never been easier. @jessicaewest
  19. @jessicaewest Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash LET’S BUILD SOME