DevOps Leadership Workshop

D9d7afe54eeb20e7443ad53b7286af99?s=47 Jez Humble
August 29, 2018

DevOps Leadership Workshop

As described in Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps, organizations adopting principles and practices from the Lean Software and DevOps movements are seeing payoffs in terms of higher quality, better reliability and availability, faster delivery, and reduced costs. Leaders wanting to achieve these results will need to understand how to build a transparent, aligned metrics-driven organization in order to successfully navigate their improvement journey. Using material from his new book, Accelerate, Jez Humble will discuss known predictors of software delivery performance that any team can use, the common obstacles to achieving them, and the management practices that enable them to be applied successfully.


Jez Humble

August 29, 2018