Growing Whole Team Quality

Fd80f9c58b06270d42356dd77a32defa?s=47 Jim Holmes
January 08, 2016

Growing Whole Team Quality

Presented at CodeMash 2016.

Organizational change doesn’t come easy. We humans are tetchy beings who often aren’t comfortable getting out of the comfy ruts we let ourselves get in. Join Jim Holmes for an experience report on how he helped a couple organizations change how they tested and delivered software. You’ll learn some critical techniques for helping drive change around testing: Getting buy-in from executives and management. Hiring/staffing the right people. Helping existing team members learn to adapt–and dealing with those that won’t. You’ll also learn why testing tools and test cases do NOT solve any quality issues, and you’ll also hear plenty of lessons-learned and hard knocks. Stovepiped testing should have gone down with the Titanic. Learn how to help your organization get quality across your entire delivery team, not just the people you blame for not “Assuring Quality.”


Jim Holmes

January 08, 2016


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    Well, you should always be continuing to learn and improve

    which is of course obvious because what I was really talking about was major overhauls in which case sometimes that doesn’t make sense if your organization is generally happy and your customers are good and you have bacon.
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