Test Driven Docs Greach 2017

Test Driven Docs Greach 2017

A Test-Driven Approaches to Documenting RESTful APIs with Groovy and Spring REST Docs

As Presented at Greach on March 31, 2017

Documentation generated from source code is very popular. Solutions such as Swagger are available for many different languages and frameworks. However, limitations of annotation based tools are becoming apparent. An overwhelming number of documentation annotations make for great docs but muddy the source code. Then, something changes and the docs are out of date again.

Test-driven documentation solutions, such as Spring Rest Docs, generate example snippets for requests and responses from tests ensuring both code coverage and accurate documentation. It can even fail the build when documentation becomes out of date. This session will walk through how to implement test-driven documentation solutions for groovy ecosystem technologies like Spring Boot, Grails, and Ratpack.



March 31, 2017