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Telling Tall Tales

5f83ef806155b403c3393160ce51f955?s=47 Jose L
April 24, 2017

Telling Tall Tales

Massive connectivity, environmental impact, security and innovation in software and hardware converge into one single sink when talk about millions of little devices connected with each other through the internet.
Today, being still in the wild west of this technology, it is time to reflect and come up with the right approaches and adopt the best practices that take us to a safe, yet powerful connected future.

Presentation by Jonathan Koch and Jose L Ugia, for Entrepreneurs without Borders, shared at the Factory, Berlin.


Jose L

April 24, 2017


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  3. City of Münster Planning Dept, 1991

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  6. Story

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  8. IoT hardware equipped bikes + fleet management software

  9. Hardware production carries an environmental cost...

  10. ...it's our job to make it worth it.

  11. The plantation THE PLANTation

  12. Unnatural Selection

  13. The invasion of devices

  14. Implications of connecting everything

  15. IoT is no longer the Wild West

  16. What then? Build today with tomorrow in mind. Follow specs,

    best practices and communities. Give back. Profit alone may not be enough. Keep strangers out of your home.
  17. Travel to the future for a moment... Think back about

    why you did what you are doing today.
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