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Dealing with Fear

5f83ef806155b403c3393160ce51f955?s=47 Jose L
October 01, 2014

Dealing with Fear

Therapy for start-ups


Jose L

October 01, 2014


  1. Dealing with Fear Therapy for Start Ups Image Placehol +JoseLuisUgiaGonzalez

    @Jl_Ugia #GoogleLaunchpad #BER
  2. What do you fear? #GoogleLaunchpad #BER

  3. #GoogleLaunchpad #BER Fears coerce & pollute your opinion Failure |

    Try all the things
  4. #GoogleLaunchpad #BER Fears coerce & pollute your opinion General rejection

    | Care about irrelevant opinions X
  5. #GoogleLaunchpad #BER Fears coerce & pollute your opinion Bad design

    | Build beauty, not function
  6. #GoogleLaunchpad #BER Fears coerce & pollute your opinion Broken system

    | Architecting something to go to the moon
  7. You are not – and don’t have to be… YOU

  8. You are not – and don’t have to be…

  9. And certainly you are not…

  10. Think about it! #GoogleLaunchpad #BER The world does not need

    this start up to succeed, but that you succeed at some point
  11. Deliver the promise, but take the short route 5 1

    client can be enough y Don’t reinvent things a Don’t worry about rules / conventions #GoogleLaunchpad #BER
  12. Nobody cares about you …yet. #GoogleLaunchpad #BER

  13. Google - Concrete Value Proposition UI Design UX " #GoogleLaunchpad

  14. Surf the tech adoption curve #GoogleLaunchpad #BER Innovators Early adopters

    Early majority Late majority Laggards
  15. Facebook - Fast Development [ 1 month Time to market

    first audience s Entry audience Selected students as beach head #GoogleLaunchpad #BER
  16. w Keep it simple Code as few as you can

    z Go around problems e Discard unnecessary features #GoogleLaunchpad #BER
  17. Twitter - Tweet & SMS U Message length Option A

    Analyze tweets Split into parts Send in different batches Word splitting Option B Limit tweet length #GoogleLaunchpad #BER
  18. Momenta - Picture processing A Image quality Option A Crop

    images Resize images Store different sizes Extra processing on clients Option B Unique size for images #GoogleLaunchpad #BER
  19. You are not alone leanstack.io https://github.com/cjbarber/ToolsOfTheTrade Github/ToolsOfTheTrade $ Save on

    resources [ Save time å Increase quality #GoogleLaunchpad #BER
  20. You are not alone Training PaaS / BaaS Documents +

    Code #GoogleLaunchpad #BER
  21. My stack, my stories Life in Auto mode Build web

    service / API in few days Build clients in few weeks No down times #GoogleLaunchpad #BER
  22. Comparing stacks IMAGE PLACEHOLDER IMAGE PLACEHOLDER #GoogleLaunchpad #BER

  23. Time to market 6 months Time to market 2 years

    Facebook SDK Own hosting Backend PHP Zend GitHub Crashlytics Paw AFNetworking SVProgressHUD Facebook SDK TheAmazingAudioEngine JASidePanels Google App Engine Crashlytics GitHub Paw Trello PhraseApp
  24. Your stories? Your stories are yours. …but I’ll be watching.

    #GoogleLaunchpad #BER
  25. Image Placeholder @Jl_Ugia +JoseLuisUgiaGonzalez joseluis@ugia.io THANKS