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Global Diversity CFP Day (Munich) - Giving Engaging Talks

January 18, 2020

Global Diversity CFP Day (Munich) - Giving Engaging Talks

This brief presentation gives advices to new speakers on two important aspects of giving an engaging the talk: content and delivery. How do you pick a topic, esp. if you do not feel like an expert (btw, no one does). When delivering your talk, keep in mind you don't have to be a performer on stage. Consider getting started with a good storyline to guide your talk and basic body language keys to bring some dynamic movement to your presentation.


January 18, 2020

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  1. • Architect, Full Stack Engineer • Working with the web

    since 1998 • Organizer UX Munich 2013, 2015 • First Conference Talk: Frontend Conference Zurich 2011 • https://julie.io Julie Ng
  2. A Great Talk CONTENT • Introduces “new” ideas – or

    presents old ones in a new light • Engages the audience • Inspires, makes you think • Is memorable Photo by Tachina Lee on Unsplash
  3. On Finding Purpose Burton Rast, Google Imagination, Desire and the

    Call of the Future David Delgado, NASA JPL BDD: Baby Driven Development Allison McMillan, GitHub About Life, Robots And Cats! Constanza Yáñez Calderón @JSConf EU Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Remote Marla Brizel Zeschin, Test Double Deep Technical? Not necessarily CONTENT The 30-Month Migration Glenn Vanderburg, First.io You Can’t Bubblebath The Burnout Away Jennifer Tu What experience do YOU want to share?
  4. GO make something great (with childlike naiveté) Thanks! “Coming of

    Age” at FFWD.pro ONE OF MY EARLY TALKS, 2012
  5. Your Story • Something you’re proud of? • Something you’ve

    struggled with? • What have you learned? • What are you excited about? General Topics • Post-Mortems • Soft Skills • Work Life Balance • Mental Health Topic Ideas CONTENT
  6. 2 - Delivery “People won’t remember what you say. But

    they will remember how you make them feel.”
  7. Journey To The Stars by Georgios Kaleadis 1. Anatomy Of

    A Star (1 Star) 2. Starry Night (Many Stars) 3. Shooting Stars (Animating Stars) 4. Constellations (Grouping Stars)
  8. Re-use and Repeat STORY STRUCTURE PART 1 PART 2 PART

    3 Intro to SVGs and sizing of circles Using JavaScript to generate many points Using CSS to animate circles Stargazing
  9. 1. Open Palms vs Closed Palms 2. On the one

    hand… on the other hand… 3. Side to side (unsure) 4. Up and down (repetitive) 5. Karate Chop 6. Confidence Triangle Focus on the Hands BODY LANGUAGE
  10. 1. Don’t teach. Tell a story. 2. Practice, practice, practice

    – before a conference, at many conferences 3. Takeaways and Lessons are not about you – but rather the audience. Final Tips