Language and the lizard brain

Eab5dafdd6573164cf8552c4fcc7a1fe?s=47 Jon Tan
October 06, 2011

Language and the lizard brain

From New Adventures in Web Design, 2010, and re-purposed in part for Ampersand web typography, Brighton, 2011.


Jon Tan

October 06, 2011


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    CRT to LCD to LED. CRT also sometimes know as

    the ‘Braun tube’ after German physicist and Nobel Laureate, Ferdinand Braun, who invented the earliest version in 1897.
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    I love language. Latin lingua, ‘language, tongue’. 3000–6000 languages are

    spoken by humans today. Natural languages can be based on visual stimuli like sign language and written language. Code is an artificially constructed communication system. Dan Rubin: ‘Language Matters’ ‘The absence of words have power.’
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    Aftermath of Bon Om Touk Festival where 400 people died

    — Rainbow Bridge, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 22nd Nov 2010 —Guardian Eyewitness from Tang Chhin Sothy/AFP/Getty
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    Muharram (month on mourning in remembrance of the martyrdom of

    Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed) — New Dehli. 18 Dec 2010. Guardian Eyewitness
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    Type can convey emotion, sometimes in contrast to the actual

    meaning on the words: “Hate” in Malay — Bello by Underware
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    Type can convey emotion, sometimes in contrast to the actual

    meaning on the words: “Love” in Malay — Graveblade by Typodermic
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    HTML 4.01 — 16 named colours. CSS3 — 78 X11

    color names standardised in SVG 1.0 with gray/grey variants. New displays with 32-bit colour — 4.2 billion distinct colours (with some non-colour elements like alpha).
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    Blue Note from 1956–1967. 11 years. Almost 500 sleeves. Photos

    by Francis Wolff. Reid Miles was an avid fan of classical music but not of jazz. “Alfred Lion simply described the mood and intent of each album, and Miles went to work.” Music is a great example of how we react emotionally Association with a memory - often can’t remember artist / title Musical notation is the language of music. (That and metaphor; awkward to categorise.)
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    ‘Although there is no absolute separation between language and emotion,

    there will still be countless instances where you have emotional response without verbal input or linguistic cognition. In general, language is not necessary for emotion.‘ — Dr. Mazviita Chirimuuta, neuroscientist. Also see the paper: ‘The neural code for written words’ by Stanislas Dehaene
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    Meaning in the milliseconds: We have a measurable, emotional reaction

    to a face within 40ms without even consciously ever remembering seeing it.
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    ‘Don’t think, FEEL.’ Seth Godin has written and spoken about

    ‘kill the lizard brain’. Nooo! Seth Vs. Bruce Lee; who do you wanna be?
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    1,000 Icons, Symbols + Pictograms: Visual Communication For Every Language.

    The designers’ tongue. Our language. Visual communication.
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    Frank Chimero, Trent Walton, and Dave Rupert. ‘Mid-century, Las Vegas,

    Johnny Quest inspired journey to the bubble city at the bottom of the city.’
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    Jason Santa Maria, Trent Walton, Dave Rupert and Kevin Cornel.

    ‘Sometime in the not too distant future with a retro-future style‘ — Jason
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    Some sites we love for their utility, but elements like

    copywriting still lend them personality.
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    Utility: Site you never visit. Different kind of design principles

    for the web: #mydatanotyours via Jon Hicks.
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    The best shirts are the ones that look great from

    a distance, but the closer you get, the better they get. Mark Boulton: ‘Bind the content to the device’
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