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RubyMotion: Hack Your iOS App Like Never Before

Joseph Ku
December 08, 2012

RubyMotion: Hack Your iOS App Like Never Before

* Talk @ RubyConf Taiwan 2012 (2012.12.08)

Joseph Ku

December 08, 2012

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  1. WHAT’S RUBYMOTION? A Ruby toolchain for iOS Develop and test

    native iOS app in Ruby Based on MacRuby Laurent Sansonetti (@lrz)
  2. DEPLOYMENT Deploy your app to beta testers by TestFlight Deploy

    to App Store $ rake archive:distribution $ gem install motion-testflight $ rake testflight notes='Orz'
  3. // Foo.h @interface Foo: NSObject { } @property (nonatomic, strong)

    NSString *bar; @end // Foo.m #import “Foo.h” @implementation Foo @synthesize bar = _bar; @end class Foo attr_accessor :bar end Objective-C RubyMotion
  4. %4-

  5. App.alert("BubbleWrap is awesome!") App.run_after(0.5) { p "It's #{Time.now}" } App.open_url("http://rubyconf.tw/2012/")

    Device.iphone? Device.ipad? Device.front_camera? BW::Media.play_modal("http://www.hrupin.com/wp-content/ uploads/mp3/testsong_20_sec.mp3") EM.add_timer 1.0 do puts "Great scott!" end