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Joseph Chiang

July 08, 2015

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  1. How long does it take you to start Stackla development

    environment? Question 1 Content Ingestion gnip sqsdb vagrant up git fetch Shifter PHP Storm phinx migrate
  2. How long does it take you to start other projects

    you did 
 last year / last month / last week? Question 2 • Folder? • Server port and host? • Required services? • Dev Tools you used before?
  3. Project Setting ~/.tmuxinator/stackla-web.yml tmuxinator creates different layouts for different projects

    ~/.tmuxinator/stackla-developer.yml Demo • $ tmuxinator stackla-web • $ tmuxinator stackla-developer • $ tmuxinator <last-week-project> • $ tmuxinator <last-year-project> • <Ctrl + S> : Switch between projects
  4. $ wget -O - https:// raw.githubusercontent.com/josephj/ tmuxinator-installer/master/install.sh | sh Lazy

    Installation for OSX Remember to update the root property of 
  5. Basic Usage $ mux stackla-web Ctrl + a, n Ctrl

    + a, p Ctrl + a, d Ctrl + a, <num> $ tmux a Initialise stackla-web project Switch to next window Switch to previous window Jump by window number Detach tmux Attach tmux