Building "Bootiful" Microservices with Spring Boot

Fb22593caf24e4bb4c98d467cdd247e6?s=47 Josh Long
September 18, 2014

Building "Bootiful" Microservices with Spring Boot

Microservices? A thing? Or hype? What does it mean in practice? The answer, like so many Facebook statuses, is complicated. In broad strokes, Microservices offer a refreshed approach to application architecture. Microservices are a new way to describe many of the patterns that have fallen out of large-scale applications in practice over the recent years. There is no doubt that the approach works. The question is: how does one build a microservices architecture? Join Josh Long for this webinar introducing the Spring Cloud project to support building cloud-scale and cloud-ready microservices. Spring Cloud builds on Spring Boot and makes building complex distributed systems and and microservices a snap.


Josh Long

September 18, 2014