Echelon Vietnam 2013 Talk

Echelon Vietnam 2013 Talk

What do investors look for


Jeffrey Paine

April 17, 2013


  1. What do investors look for Echelon Vietnam Satellite 2013 Apr

    17, 2013 @jpaine
  2. You are changing the world, not us (investors)

  3. There are founders & there are everybody else

  4. Lack of a big enough market who loves your product

  5. Shitty Ideas Lifestyle Businesses High Growth Companies 95%

  6. Product Sales B2C B2B Marketplaces B2B2C Hyper local Regional Global

  7. Friends/ Family Angel/Seed Funds Series-X (Serious) – Institutional Funds

  8. None
  9. + 4 more…and 3-4 more identified

  10. Investment focus Southeast Asia (primarily) Consumer Internet Mobile Casual/ Mobile

    Games Infrastructure Software as a Service (b2b…) ...others...
  11. Our network Limited Partner Network Personal Network

  12. Value add (as a firm) Follow-on Capital / Exits Product

    (User Experience, Marketing, Growth Hacking, PR) Recruiting Customer/Partner/Mentor Introductions (Silicon Valley, Southeast Asia, rest of Asia bridging)
  13. In short.. we make stuff happen southeast asian style

  14. We say no >95% of the time

  15. We know through (pattern recognition) but the truth is, we

    really don’t know
  16. So what do we look for?

  17. Talent Market Traction

  18. Talent No assholes* Obsessed with product* Hustler Never say die

    Get drunk with
  19. Market New or Differentiated* Problem + Right Audience

  20. Traction Problem + Right Audience Launched with Product Market Infatuation

  21. Product Market Infatuation Fit A product that satisfy a market

    with engagement data + sustainable growth that shows “yearning love”
  22. 4 Hacks for you Know all three types of investors.

    Hustle to know them, get advice. Show them your progress Focus on Pre-Built Demand (but new & unique, have a clear differentiation) Make users love your product (launch fast) Then ideate more and think bigger
  23. 4 investor look outs for you Investor is not fascinated

    about your product Person to person chemistry is out of whack*(call test) Do not network and hustles for you Terms are too weird or uncomfortable – gut feel
  24. In conclusion we are looking for: "Nice cockroaches with steel

    balls who understand their users well and hustle to deliver highly engaging products that they love and adore."
  25. Thank you, questions? @jpaine