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Taming the Chaos: Beyond the Quick Wins

1100c19690e8eb006da7a35a6b17be97?s=47 Julia Wester
November 15, 2017

Taming the Chaos: Beyond the Quick Wins

So, your team uses visual boards and everyone loves the quick wins gained through increased visibility. But, you’re nowhere near the utopia you read about in the books or hear about at conferences. Even worse, you don’t know why or how to get there!

Many teams hit this same plateau and become stagnant, falling tragically short of the value that can be achieved with a system focused on flow. Come learn tangible steps to transform shallow visual systems into systems focused on getting results through flow and continuous improvement.


Julia Wester

November 15, 2017


  1. @everydaykanban Taming the Chaos: Beyond the Quick Wins Julia Wester

    Consultant at LeanKit @everydaykanban HMS Flow
  2. @everydaykanban

  3. @everydaykanban

  4. @everydaykanban ARE YOU STUCK IN THE SHALLOWS?

  5. @everydaykanban Incomplete picture of work & challenges

  6. @everydaykanban Alignment across silos is far from reality

  7. @everydaykanban Focus is on maximizing capacity usage

  8. @everydaykanban Improvement is exceptional… in a bad way

  9. @everydaykanban Just keep moving forward

  10. DIVING DEEPER Themes and tactics to help you find sunken

    business value (and maybe your sanity!) @everydaykanban
  11. Connect the Entire System @everydaykanban

  12. @everydaykanban Break down the silos by building relationships

  13. @everydaykanban Leverage relationships to create alignment Not that! Next month

    Need it now! Need this!
  14. @everydaykanban

  15. @everydaykanban Optimize for Flow

  16. @everydaykanban

  17. @everydaykanban

  18. @everydaykanban Use enabling constraints, like WIP limits

  19. @everydaykanban

  20. @everydaykanban Prioritize Continuous Improvement

  21. @everydaykanban Monthly Weekly Daily Use cadences to create habits

  22. @everydaykanban Cast a wide feedback net

  23. @everydaykanban Rub a little science on it! (Thanks Nicole!)

  24. @everydaykanban 1. How are you tracking cumulative progress from improvements?

    2. What change had the biggest positive impact on organizational health? 3. What is your organization’s biggest pain point right now? http://leankit.does17.sgizmo.com/s3/ You can help
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