dust_extinction python package

dust_extinction python package

Briefly presents the astropy affiliated dust_extinction python package. Package currently provides ultraviolet through near-infrared models of extinction curves for use in forward modeling and/or correcting for the effects of interstellar extinction on observations of stars.


Karl Gordon

July 31, 2019


  1. dust_extinction Karl D. Gordon STScI, Baltimore, MD Python in Astronomy

    Lightning Talk 31 July 2019 ISM@ST member kgordon@stsci.edu @karllark2000 karllark@github
  2. Motivations • Provide up-to-date dust extinction models – Forward modeling

    and correcting observations • So I can learn open development skills • Contribute to the pyastro community • Have all the models available for my papers • Package – for those that like dust – for those that just want it to go away
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  13. Astropy Affiliated Package

  14. Strengths • Maintained mainly by dust extinction experts – New

    models added as they are created • Provides choice of models • Documentation – Including recommendations
  15. Future/Needs • Needs review by general users – Maintained by

    experts • Add more models – Currently covers UV – NIR – Add dust grain models (X-ray to mm) – Add MIR models • What else needed? (issues very welcome)
  16. Thanks

  17. Extinction vs Attenuation Github: karllark/dust_attenuation Github: karllark/dust_extinction

  18. R(V) Dependence - F20 Model Fitzpatrick, Massa, Gordon, et al.

    2019, almost submitted
  19. Comparison to Previous (all from photometry)