Living With Open Source Software

Living With Open Source Software

Why do you decide to use Open Source Software? How do you choose one Open Source project over another? Join us for a discussion of the critical factors to consider to “mitigate risk” when choosing to use a project, including techniques for living with that choice. We’ll talk about several different projects that we have integrated to various ends: success, forking, adoption, and abandonment.

We’ll give you the list of the top questions you should ask yourself when evaluating an Open Source project. These questions aim to prevent possible pitfalls that you may not initially notice, such as restrictive licensing of the software. Learn how to limit the risk you introduce to your project by performing a thorough examination of such software.

We’ll answer:

What to do when projects “fail” inspection? What to do when software is almost what you want or need? What to do when the idea is great but the execution isn’t up to par?

What to do when projects pass inspection? Use it! But then what? How do you keep up to date with the projects you have chosen in a maintainable and painless way? How do you choose to remove a dependency when a project is no longer meeting your needs?


Katie Gengler

July 18, 2012