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Listen. Share. Connect. Or, what is this DevRel thing really?

Listen. Share. Connect. Or, what is this DevRel thing really?

This was a tech talk at Postman's Bangalore office. It presents an overview of the Developer Relations discipline and connects how Postman is uniquely positioned to champion DevRel in all its aspects.


Kaustav Das Modak

September 09, 2018


  1. PRESENTED BY Listen. Share. Connect Or, what is this DevRel

    thing really? Kaustav Developer Advocate, Postman
  2. How would you describe Developer Relations?

  3. Highly subjective Many voices Many needs Many opinions Many strategies

    Many possibilities
  4. Not just Public speaking Conferences Travel Free t-shirts Free hugs

    Writing demos Writing articles
  5. Building and nurturing relationships.

  6. Relations Developers Test Engineers System Engineers Marketeers Analysts Sales CxOs

  7. Empathise “Connecting people” - Nokia

  8. How it began Organisations growing their consumer base by giving

    back something of value.
  9. Distributed
 outreach Customers spreading awareness. Scalable growth vehicle. Reach untapped

  10. High impact* *If done right, over long term.

  11. No size fits all Strategy depends on product and target

  12. Different strategies lead to different flavours

  13. Evangelism The traditional name adopted for this discipline. Owes name

    to the Evangelical churches. Keyword: Preaching
  14. Advocacy Members represent the world outside within the organisation and

    vice versa. Owes its name to the passion of helping others. Keyword: Representation
  15. Success Often merged with customer success and sales engineering. Training

    + providing resources. Owns its name to helping consumers do better. Keyword: Unblocking
  16. Growth Directly connected to business development. Training/awareness in pre-sales processes.

    Owes its origin to strongly tying consumer relations with revenue. Keyword: Sales
  17. The DevRel Cycle • Empathise • Enable • Enrich

  18. None
  19. Postman is a large DevRel team

  20. Postman’s Success Listen to the community Build tools to solve

    their pain points The product connects us back to the community
  21. None
  22. The road ahead You can be the beacon bearer.

  23. Start sharing Twitter Community.GetPostman StackOverflow Articles Interviews External talks Or,

    simply talk to your neighbour.
  24. Resources • “The Developer Evangelism Handbook”, Christian Heilmann • “DevRel

    Salon” on Medium • Follow Dev Advocates/ Evangelists online • Keep searching
  25. Stay curious and empathise.