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Introduction to Netlify

C43af8c5615e17a1d534b7fbfec46656?s=47 Keiko Oda
December 20, 2018

Introduction to Netlify



Keiko Oda

December 20, 2018


  1. Introduction to Netlify Keiko Oda (@keiko713) Software Engineer, Netlify

  2. Hello Netlify (ωοτϦϑΝΠ) Netlify࢖ͬͨ͜ͱ͋Δํʁ Have you used Netlify before? Secretary

    for frontend engineers
  3. Basic Features • Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Content Delivery

    • Atomic deploys, deploy previews 1σϓϩΠ͕1ͭͷεφοϓγϣοτʢόʔδϣϯʣʹରԠ • Cache invalidation ΩϟογϡແޮԽ • Unlimited snapshots and rollbacks աڈͷόʔδϣϯΛอ࣋͠ϩʔϧόοΫՄೳ • Headers & redirects • Custom headers ΧελϜϔομʔʢX-Frame-OptionsͳͲʣ • Proxy and redirect rules ϓϩΩγͱϦμΠϨΫτઃఆ • Domains • Custom domains & HTTPS ΧελϜυϝΠϯͱSSL/TLSূ໌ॻ • DNS management, purchase domains DNSͷ؅ཧ΍υϝΠϯͷߪೖ
  4. Addon Features

  5. Use Case • Used by many open source projects •

    Perfect for • marketing sites, landing pages, docs pages (SSG, headless CMS) • deploying the frontend code (React, Vue, etc.) • Used by Netlify itself too • www.netlify.com : marketing site, Netlify CMS deployed on Netlify • app.netlify.com : dashboard/UI site, react app deployed on Netlify
  6. Demo: Netlify deploy flow & Functions

  7. None
  8. Learn more… • Netlify websites • Netlify blog: https://www.netlify.com/blog/ •

    All the cool things happening around the Front End world • Some “how Netlify works” type of tech posts • NEW! Ask Netlify: https://ask.netlify.com/ • JAMstack radio • https://www.heavybit.com/library/podcasts/jamstack-radio/ • Also there are zines (ٕज़ॻ) of Netlify and JAMstack!!
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