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Creating Great Content

Creating Great Content

Creating, managing and measuring content.


Kelli Matthews

June 18, 2014


  1. C R E AT I N G A N D

    M A N A G I N G G R E AT C O N T E N T J O C O N E T S O C I A L M E D I A W O R K S H O P
  2. W H AT D O Y O U WA N

    T T O A C C O M P L I S H ? ! W H O A R E Y O U T RY I N G T O R E A C H ? S TA R T W I T H T W O K E Y T H I N G S :
  3. W H AT D O Y O U H AV

    E T O S AY ? T H E N …
  4. W H AT G O E S W H E

    R E ? F I N A L LY …
  5. Platform Popularity (High/Low) Best Kind Of Content

  6. Repurpose Remix Extend the Story

  7. Sync content automatically Copy & paste content Reinvent on each

    channel Sweet Spot Remix Repurpose Not audience- focused Too much time and energy
  8. Take Inventory • What “assets” do you have? • What

    do you need?
  9. Photos Quotes Music Video History News Trends Data

  10. Children’s Literature A topic area that often gets people excited

    about libraries and one most people can relate to: ! Pre-Content Planning: Print distribution Web distribution Copy & paste the link to Facebook
  11. Post-Content Planning Photo album with images from staff or “man

    on the street” favorites. Link to site in description Pull quotes from staff or “man on the street” with image + link. Create a short video with staff or “man on the street” memories about their favorite book.
  12. P R A C T I C E ! •

    Identify a story: event, news/trend, issue area, new product/service, announcements • Take inventory: what are all your assets? Press release or other text, photos, videos, quotes, news/trend articles, etc. • Which assets should help tell the story on which channels? Try to come up with 6 - 8 different ways.
  13. E D I T O R I A L C

    A L E N D A R S A V E Y O U R S A N I T Y ! B U I L D A N
  14. Events Seasonalities News Expertise FAQs Industry/Market Trends Advice Behind the

    Scenes Experiences Values Quirk
  15. T I P S F O R C R E

    AT I N G A N E D I T O R I A L C A L E N D A R • Consider the seasonality of your club. Build in big events. • Try an 8 - 12 week calendar cycle. • Use a shared document like a Google spreadsheet. • Consider all the “buckets” you need to fill • Repurpose! • Curate.
  16. Week Topic/Category Where To Share 1 Children’s Literature Facebook: 1)

    Nostalgia, 2) Important Of Reading, 3) Access To Books Twitter: Daily Links To Resources Blog: Review Or Reflection On A Favorite 2 3 4
  17. W H AT N E X T ? One take-away

    from today? One thing you can do today? One more thing you can do by the end of March? One longer term thing?
  18. None