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Sample Social Media Audit - Real Estate Company (Oregon)

Sample Social Media Audit - Real Estate Company (Oregon)


Kelli Matthews

February 10, 2020



  2. THE APPROACH Analyzed Q1 data from REC Facebook Pages for:

    Eugene, Albany and S. Oregon. Reviewed pages for a variety of agents, some subscribers to the monthly social media service, some not. Reviewed competitor Pages & profiles.
  3. Based on the audit research, a few things stand out:

    Social media marketing is an untapped opportunity for REC. People-focused and curated news & info perform best on Facebook. No significant competition on any channel. TOP-LINE HIGHLIGHTS
  4. UNTAPPED POTENTIAL Social media are an important part of an

    overall Internet marketing strategy. Homebuyers increasingly ignore - and even avoid - traditional marketing channels. Millennials are driving many of the changes in how companies are expected to communicate, but the affects are felt by all of us. Millennials are the largest living demographic and will continue to be dominant for decades to come.

    say they expect companies they interact with to have a social media presence. 28% would rather engaged on social media than visit a physical location. 64% of Americans age 12 and up use Facebook. 1 in 3 professionals around the world are on LinkedIn 90% of home buyers searched online at some point during their home buying process. 100% of home shoppers used the internet to research a specific home. 68% of first time home buyers are Millennials. Only 9% of realtors use social media to market their listings. Sources: National Association of Realtors, Hubspot

    a company’s social media presence was part of the reason they chose their workplace. 80% of companies say social recruiting helps them find passive candidates. 75% of potential hires aren't actively searching. 87% of companies use LinkedIn for recruiting 80% of job seekers use Facebook regularly LinkedIn is the most frequently used social media side for recruiting. Employers successfully using social media for recruiting employees note a near 50 percent increase in candidate quality. Sources: Betterteam.com, BusinessWest, Statista, CareerProfiles.com
  7. THE AUDIENCE The typical Realtor is a 53 year old

    white female homeowner with some college education. 62% of all Realtors are female, and the median age is 58. 9 in 10 Realtors has at least some college education. Realtors are getting younger and more diverse. 91% of Realtors use social media to some extent. 51% of buyers found their home on the Internet. REC aims to reach current and potential agents, providing support, resources and services that encourage them to engage with and follow REC, recognizing the company as a market leader. Source: National Association of Realtors, 2016 Field Guide
  8. THE LOW HANGING FRUIT Always use high-quality images including profile

    images, event graphics, photos of events, etc. Find a manageable frequency and be consistent. Pay attention to voice and tone. Edit for spelling, grammar and punctuation. Provide strategic (not just technical) training and support for agents. Minimize platforms to maximize impact (e.g. combine Pages).
  9. CURRENT CORPORATE FACEBOOK MODEL Five REC Facebook Pages: Eugene, Albany,

    Corvallis, Salem and Rogue Valley. 100% organic content 40% duplicated content Content does not appear to be scheduled using an SM management app.
  10. DEFINITIONS Reach is the number of unique people who saw

    your content. It affects every other metric you can track: engagement, likes, comments, clicks and negative feedback. Reach is an awareness measure Engagement Rate: The percent of people reached who like, share or comment on a post. The basic formula we use as a baseline is: (likes+shares+comments)/reach. Engagement is an action or interest measure.
  11. REC Facebook Pages Eugene Facebook Albany Facebook Corvallis Facebook Rogue

    Valley Facebook Likes Last Post Total Reach (Q1) 435 167 Salem Facebook 139 1,749 200 March 27 March 20 March 20 March 17 March 14 12,406 3,456 N/A 13,226 8,357
  12. REC Eugene Likes Likes Reach Engaged

  13. REC Rogue Valley Likes Likes Reach Engaged

  14. Engagement 1.8% FACEBOOK AVERAGES - Q1 Engaged Users 5.5 Reach

    175 Follower Growth 1% For purposes of analysis, we combined all duplicate post data.
  15. CONTENT TOPICS Agent Education: Webinars, classes, seminars and other trainings

    Real Estate News & Info: Curated content related to the business of real estate Agent Welcome Message Seasonal & Happy Birthday: Holidays, seasonal info and happy birthday messages Community News & Events: Posts focused on community relations; unrelated to the office Homebuyer/Seller News & Info: Curated information for buyers and sellers Realtor "Hacks": Productivity tips Miscellaneous: Office photos, profile and cover images changes
  16. Realtor News 23% Agent Welcome 4% Seasonal 18% Community 20%

    Homebuyer/Seller 8% Realtor "Hacks" 3% Miscellaneous 14% Agent Education 11% Topic Frequency
  17. 0% 0.663% 1.325% 1.988% 2.65% R ealtor "H acks" Agent

    Education Seasonal M iscellaneous H om ebuyer/Seller Total Agent W elcom e R ealtor N ew s C om m unity Average Engagement
  18. 0 75 150 225 M iscellaneous H om ebuyer/Seller C

    om m unity R ealtor "H acks" Total 300 R ealtor N ew s Seasonal Agent Education Agent W elcom e Average Reach
  19. Engagement .82% AGENT EDUCATION Engaged Users 2 Reach 263 Workshops

    Seminars Training sessions
  20. Reach: 415 Likes: 7

  21. Engagement 2.57% REAL ESTATE NEWS & INFO Engaged Users 9.5

    Reach 215 Market info Housing reports Pricing strategies Listing tips Most frequent post topic
  22. Reach: 653 Likes: 2 Love: 1

  23. Engagement 1.89% AGENT WELCOME Engaged Users 10 Reach 303 New

    agent announcement Only 5 total in Q1
  24. Reach: 468 Likes: 6 Love: 2 Comment: 1

  25. Engagement .84% SEASONAL & HAPPY BIRTHDAY Engaged Users 2.7 Reach

    236 Holidays, seasonal images Happy birthday messages
  26. Reach: 384 Likes: 1

  27. Engagement 2.65% COMMUNITY NEWS & EVENTS Engaged Users 5.5 Reach

    123 Community-related news and information. Charity/philanthropy involvement Local & regional events
  28. Reach: 887 Likes: 17 Comments: 4 (combined)

  29. Engagement 1.7% HOMEBUYER/SELLER RESOURCES & INFO Engaged Users 6.2 Reach

    91 Tips & ideas for buying and selling DIY and home improvement projects
  30. Reach: 287 Likes: 1 Shares: 1 (combined)

  31. Engagement .28% REALTOR "HACKS" Engaged Users 5 Reach 132 Primarily

    productivity-related tips posted in January.
  32. Engagement 1.67% MISCELLANEOUS Engaged Users 3.5 Reach 50 Profile and

    cover image changes Weather-related posts Photos of office "life" and events
  33. TWITTER @REC (Eugene) Followers: 383 Last Post: March 17 Spelling

    errors in most posts Infrequent/sporadic content @REC_RV Followers: 1,002 Last Post: March 31 (prior to that: Oct 2016) Infrequent/sporadic content Linked to Facebook Twitter is not providing any benefit for REC as it's being used right now. Twitter needs a defined strategy and clear management process.
  34. Creating a consistency of style and frequency of content is

    the most important thing for REC to see better reach and engagement. Set clear objectives for social media marketing. Create a style guide with guidelines for all graphic/visuals and content for REC channels. Combine the Willamette Valley Facebook Pages (Eugene, Albany, Corvallis and Salem). Build an editorial/content calendar for REC-owned channels. Choose a social media management tool to help manage content and schedule based on the calendar. Incorporate LinkedIn into REC's social media. Revamp the agent social media service with improved processes. Consider adding Instagram as an option. RECOMMENDATIONS
  35. Drawing insights and actionable recommendations from the social media audit,

    our next steps are to create a social media plan. Set clear measurable objectives for REC social media. Output objectives: short-term process and systems- related objectives. Outcome objectives: awareness, engagement and recruiting. Clearly identify the social media audience that best aligns with those objectives. Develop both "run the business" (everyday content) and campaigns (short-term initiatives) to help accomplish the objectives. Include plans to merge profiles and launch new ones. Outline a new agent social media service. Identify KPIs to track social media success. Make recommendations for management tools based on content strategy. Develop a social media budget for management tools and sponsored content. NEXT STEPS